Marvel's Moon Knight Episode 5, how many episodes of Moon Knight are there, and when does Moon Knight come out?

Oscar Isaac entered the MCU as Moon Knight in the latest Marvel series on Disney Plus.
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The first Marvel TV show on Disney Plus of the year has aired: Moon Knight. Steven Grant, alternatively Marc Spector, played by Oscar Isaac, is making his MCU debut as a mercenary who suffers from dissociative identity disorder.

Warning: Spoilers for the first five episodes ahead.

When does Moon Knight come out?

The weekly episodes of Moon Knight air each Wednesday at 8am in the UK.

How many episodes of Moon Knight are there?

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There will be six episodes, each roughly 40 to 50 minutes long, released weekly each Wednesday. That means the finale of the show will air next week, on May 4th.

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Moon Knight Episode 5 explained ahead of season finale

The fifth episode of Moon Knight picks up where we left off, with both Marc and Steven screaming, which brings Marc back to Harrow. He tells him to be wary of Tawaret, saying that the ‘hippopotamus’ can break down walls between Marc and Steven.Marc argues with Harrow and we return to the corridor with both Marc and Steven, where Tawaret introduces herself as the goddess guiding them through the afterlife. She also tells them they're dead and now in Duat, one of many afterlifes. Tawaret also references the Ancestral Plane of Wakanda, another afterlife we’ve seen in the MCU.She pulls out their hearts to judge them, but says that something is missing and the Scales cannot balance. Marc and Steven must look back through their memories, but Marc is wary of certain ones and keeps pulling Steven away. Breaking away from Marc, Steven watches a young Marc and his brother go into a cave.

His brother drowns, and his mother blames him throughout his childhood. Together again, the pair watch Marc leave the house as a young man, arguing with his father. The two fight when Steven tries to go into the house to see a hidden memory.Struggling, they fall into the memory of killing the hostages and Layla’s father in the desert and see an injured Marc in an Egyptian tomb, about to kill himself. He then meets Khonshu for the first time and the god asks him to protect the people of the night, saying that he can feel his fractured mind.Steven sees that Khonshu was manipulating him, while Marc sees it as a moment of his own weakness, a way of continuing to be a killer. They see Marc don the suit for the first time and heal his wounds.Returning to the boat, seeing that souls are coming to the underworld too early, meaning Ammit is free. Tawaret says that they need to go through Osiris' gate to get back to the real world and free Khonshu so that they can heal. She reminds them that they need to balance the Scales and they don't have much time.Marc refuses to go back into the room with the hidden memory and starts to panic when Steven pushes him, which means he ends up back talking with Harrow, but still seeing Steven in the reflections.Harrow says Marc needs to open up to Steven about what his mother did to him, and we return to the bedroom memory. We see Steven appear for the first time, in response to his mother’s abuse. A poster says 'when danger is near, Steven Grant has no fear', showing that Marc made Steven up so he couldn't be afraid.Steven is distraught at the realisation, but Marc reasons that Steven got to live a happy normal life, thinking that he had a nice mother who loved him and is still alive. Steven panics and wakes up in Harrow's office, refusing to believe that his mother is dead. Harrow appears to call her, and Steven eventually accepts that she is dead.We see another memory of Marc refusing to go to his mother's shiva, a Jewish mourning ritual, a memory Marc had blocked earlier. As Marc breaks down over his mother’s death, Steven appears again in Marc's darkest moment. He seems happier, immediately calling his mum and chatting away to her.

Marc says that this was two months ago, the moment when their lives started bleeding into one another. Steven tells Marc that what happened to his brother is not his fault.The world shakes and Steven says that they must be at the gates, but Tawaret says that the scales are still not balanced and she cannot stop them from being frozen in the sand of Duat. People Marc has killed come out of the sand to drag them under.

A new trailer for the upcoming show, Moon Knight, dropped on January 18th. Photo: Disney / Marvel.A new trailer for the upcoming show, Moon Knight, dropped on January 18th. Photo: Disney / Marvel.
A new trailer for the upcoming show, Moon Knight, dropped on January 18th. Photo: Disney / Marvel.
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Marc tries to fight but is clearly outmatched. Steven leaps into the fight, realising that anything Marc can do, he can too. He saves Marc, but is ultimately pulled over the side and gets frozen to the sand.Marc screams for the boat to stop to save Steven but then wakes up in an endless field of golden wheat that we can only assume is Paradise.

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