No time for the good life at Shieldinch

THIS week in Shieldinch...Bob sinks into despair, Alice and Christina grow closer, and Scarlett clashes with Jimmy.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 15th November 2012, 2:46 pm

No one ever has an easy life in soap-land, and River City is no different as you will discover if you read on... but beware spoilers.

Bob has a busy day ahead of him at work but he just can’t concentrate on anything and when Alice pops out for her driving test, Bob spends time staring into space.

Alice later makes a big mistake and Bob doesn’t have his usual patience and so immediately fires her. Bob’s mood has been noted by Kelly-Marie and she does her best to get to the bottom of it, but he’s just not interested in opening up.

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Stella is beside herself with worry and begs him to talk to her as she just wants the old Bob back. After another sleepless night, and seeing his wife in such turmoil, Bob realises he has to face up to his problems.

Meanwhile, Alice’s joy at passing her driving test is soon ruined when Bob sacks her for stealing tools from a supplier to the garage. Alice was only doing it as she felt Bob was being ripped off, but when threats of the police are made, it is clear Alice has something to hide.

Alice breaks the news to Christina that without a job she has to leave Shieldinch and Christina is devastated. She confesses she has never felt this way about anyone – and it looks like Alice feels the same.

Scarlett is excited about the Little Miss Christmas pageant and has ordered some very expensive shoes for Madonna – without telling Jimmy.

At the Tall Ship, when the new shoes arrive, Scarlett can’t stop looking at them. Raymond soon tells her to put them away – just as Jimmy arrives. Despite Gina covering for Scarlett, Jimmy sees through the lies and is disgusted when he finds out how much the shoes cost. When Gina finds out this is her digs money, she’s not too chuffed either.