Disney Plus: What's coming to Disney Plus UK in February 2022?

Gear up for a strong month in TV and film coming to Disney Plus in February.

Tuesday, 25th January 2022, 2:10 pm

Disney Plus currently has approximately 7,000 TV episodes and 500 films, but the platform is growing all the time.

While simultaneously creating new content, such as Disney Plus Classics and expanding on well-loved franchises like Marvel and Star Wars, Disney is constantly acquiring rights to show new content within its Star services.

The streaming platform is not slowing down with bringing new content in both short and long-form formats.

Pam & Tommy, The King's Man, and the final of The Book of Boba Fett are just a few titles coming to Disney Plus in February. Photo: Disney.

Here’s everything new coming to Disney audiences in February 2022.

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What TV shows are coming to Disney Plus in February 2022?

A number of TV shows are debuting on Disney Plus, with many coming under the platform’s Star banner.

From Disney Plus Originals to documentaries looking at the making of recent Marvel projects, there’s plenty to get stuck into this month.

- Pam & Tommy, February 2nd

- Narco Wars, Season 1, February 2nd

- Lost Treasures of Egypt, Season 2, February 2nd

- Baby Daddy, Seasons 1-6, February 3rd

- Star Wars: The Book Of Boba Fett, Episode 7 and Finale, February 9th

- Assembled: The Making of Hawkeye, February 9th

- Secrets of Sulphur Springs, Season 2, February 9th

- Danger Decoded, Season 1, February 9th

- Trafficked with Mariana Van Zeller, Season One, February 9th

- Harrow, Seasons 1-2, February 9th

- Marvel Studios: Assembled – The Making of Eternals, February 16th

- Like Me!, Season 2, February 16th

- One Mississippi, Seasons 1-2, February 16th

- Rel, Season 1, February 16th

- Europe From Above, Season 2, February 16th

- The Wonderful World Of Mickey Mouse, Season 2 Winter Special, February 18th

- The Proud Family: Louder & Prouder, February 23rd

- Amphibia, Season 3, February 23rd

- Touch Seasons 1-2, February 23rd

- For the People, Seasons 1-2, February 23rd

- World’s Deadliest Season 3, February 23rd

- Savage Kingdom, Season 4, February 23rd

- Wild Cats of India, Season 1, February 23rd

What movies are coming to Disney Plus in February 2022?

Alongside, the release of those TV shows, a host of new films is also coming to the streaming platform.

From classics like Predator to brand-new films like The King’s Man, here’s what’s coming next month.

- Torn, February 4th

- King’s Man: The Golden Circle, February 4th

- Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, February 4th

- The Longest Ride, February 4th

- The Real Black Panther, February 4th

- The King’s Man, February 9th

- The Thing About Harry, February 11th

- Table 19, February 11th

- High Strung, February 11th

- Winnie The Pooh: A Valentine for You, February 11th

- Russia’s Mystery Files, February 11th

- Frozen Kingdom of the Snow Leopard, February 11th

- The French Dispatch, February 16th

- Blackpink The Movie, February 16th

- Predator, February 18th

- Predator 2, February 18th

- Buried Secrets of Cordoba, February 18th

- Jade Eyed Leopard, February 18th

- No Exit, February 25th

- Snatched, February 25th

- The Imposters, February 25th

- Built for Mars: The Perseverance Rover, February 25th

- The Kid Who Would Be King, February 25th