GR Ant’s floor fillaz

The Mammoth EP -Dachshund & Quenum

THIS tribal two- tracker is creating a great response on the dance floor. Bouncing bongos, subtle samba shakes, clunky piano with waves of warped synths to hypnotise and funk..

Riker EP - Simon Baker

SOLID house grooves and one cracking remix. Flip it straight onto the Eliphin Remix for some upfront, punchy house with chopped up vocals and one mighty driving cut.

Tunnel - Crackazat


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TIMELESS three-tracker with futurist vibes. It’s got everything, from Detroit bass-driven tech to down tempo, samba-driven funk, with twinkling bells and humming bass. This is a beauty.

0001A EP - Till Kruger

SCOTTISH label Bulletdodge present these beautiful Detroit techno tracks, with remixes form Secret Cinema, Greg Gow, Gareth Whitehead and Vince Watson. Emotive.