GR Ant’s floor fillaz

Various – Audio Tonic Miami Sampler EP

NOTHING samey about this Miami sampler. Ian Pooley’s back in the game with a deep classic sound. Funk D’Void – as Francois Dubois here - nails it with futuristic lush vibes featuring two more tracks from Raxon and Vincenzo making an EP which is... AMAZING!

Frankey & Sandrino - Comeback EP (Incl. Giom Remix)

SOULFUL and funky groove with warm stabbing synths and hypnotic subterranean bass makes for an intense deep house workout. GENIUS.

Dog Days - Dog Days EP

ELECTRONIC House music with a killer warehouse vibe – tightly pitched vocal samples hook you in as a warm organ groove (circa 92’) lays absolute waste to everyone, ensuring every arm is raised. EPIC.

DustyFruit - Beloved EP

BIRMINGHAM boys bring you the future sound of 2012 with broken beats, warm melodies, weighty bass and twisted vocal snippets. FRESH.

Ben Sims & Kirk Degiorgio – Machine


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LAUNCHING their new imprint with one of the best tech tracks, this is going to be absolutely massive. Degiorgio’s offering is Deep and melodic (emotive) whereas Sims bashes and boshes some peak time techno. LEGENDARY.