In pictures: 20 of Scotland's most stunning sea stacks and where to find them

SCOTLAND's shores offer a wide variety of dramatic clifftops, awe-inspiring inlets and stunning seaside stacks and arches.
Sea stacks and arches can be found all over Scotland.Sea stacks and arches can be found all over Scotland.
Sea stacks and arches can be found all over Scotland.

And that should come as no great surprise.

With more than 6000 miles of coastline - 10,250, if we include our numerous islands, there are countless interesting rock formations to be found around Scotland where land meets the sea.

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“Significant” fort found on remote Scottish sea stack

Caves, arches, stacks and stumps are the product of erosion brought on by millennia of biting winds and crashing waves (two other things of which we have zero shortage).

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These naturally-occurring sea sculptures enhance our coastal landscapes.

But don’t dare become too attached, for the same natural processes which help to create sea stacks and arches, will also eventually destroy them.

One need look no further than Malta’s lamented Azure Window. Made world-famous by appearances in Clash of the Titans and Game of Thrones, this awesome sea arch sadly collapsed into the sea last year after decades of splitting and cracking.

Here in Scotland, sea stacks and arches are abundant; from Staffa to Stonehaven, East Lothian to Isle of Skye, our country is positively peppered with hundreds of these majestic structures.

In no particular order, we take a look at twenty of Scotland’s mightiest sea stacks, arches and caves and where in our beautiful country you can locate them.

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