Karen Koren: Search on for the next Jack Whitehall

2013 is going to be a lucky year, and there is something good about getting back to work after a long haul of festivities.

It’s no wonder we all make New Year resolutions in January, however, I’m sure we all know we are not going to keep to any kind of harsh regime. Everything in moderation, they say. Not too much wine, but a little; not too much chocolate, but a little;not too much exercise, but a little.

I wonder if that will work. Time will tell. What about just doing more of what you know is good for you? At least working hard, achieving something is good for you... isn’t it?

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The work of which I speak is three tours, two festivals and 120 shows to find. On top of that we are looking at relocating. I seem to have been there before; somehow, its all about to start again.

Every year begins with such optimism, the trick is to believe that it is all going to work. I’ve got to believe that I am going to find the next Bill Bailey, Tim Minchin or John Bishop. That’s what I will be aiming for at least.

Already we have more than 20 applications for So You Think You’re Funny? - only one needs to be really good and have the belief that they can make it.

Can you imagine Jack Whitehall was in the final a few years ago and last month he became the best stand-up in Britain at the Comedy Awards.

It’s not the last we will be hearing of him, he is a talented boy.