Restaurant review: Broughton Delicatessen, Barony Street

EASY to walk past, it was a neighbourhood local who took me to lunch at the Broughton Delicatessen. Walking past the deli counter, sneaking a peek at the specials and salads, we walked into the back seating area.

Filled with several prams, young families and small groups, we found a seat at one of the charmingly mismatched tables.

In need of warming up, we ordered a latte (£2.20) and a peppermint tea (£1.70) to start. With all the usual deli/cafe options, there was a multitude of brunch, soups, platters, salad and sandwich options. On a health kick, the soup (£3.60) and mixed salad platter (£6.80) tempted my friend.

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The soup of the day was potato and leek, a creamy mixture with a heavy supplement of leeks and well peppered. It would have been enough for a light lunch on its own. The salad platter came from a selection of around five in the deli counter. My friend picked a classic Waldorf, orzo pasta with pesto, grilled courgette and cherry tomato, and an unusual mixture of roast carrot, broccoli, spring onion and red chard sprinkled with sesame seeds. Perfectly satisfying and with a great range, a mixture of salads is something that always puzzles me. Unless a great deal of thought goes into the combinations there is unavoidably an odd clash of flavours.

Having been advised that the crepes are a speciality, we debated heavily over the suggested options. The staff were very friendly and accommodating. So, choosing the less diet- friendly option, I went for the smoked cured ham, brie and tomato crepe. This came with two mixed side salads and was utterly delicious. With good quality ingredients, it was also extremely well cooked being both light and fluffy.

In a bid to continue or in my case, begin, a healthier eating plan albeit a tad late in the month, we averted our eyes from the fresh display of cakes. Give it a week and we will be back for more coffee and to try the delicious cakes.

• Broughton Delicatessen, 7 Barony Street, 0131 558 7111,

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