Suitcase of square sausage tops list of Travelodge lost and found

A village of garden gnomes, a forty year old teddy bear belonging to a CEO and a suitcase full of square sausage were among the most bizarre items left behind at Scottish hotels in 2016.
Square sausageSquare sausage
Square sausage

A case of energy drink Red Bull, a pair of pointe ballet shoes and a water colour of Loch Lomond also made the list of most interesting items in hotel chain Travelodge’s Lost and Found office in Scotland.

The housekeeper at Dundee Strathmore Travelodge got a pleasant surprise when she opened the door to room 14 at the hotel and found a family of three generations of gnomes – chilling out in the room.

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One CEO staying at Edinburgh Central was in such a hurry to get to his meeting that he forgot his teddy bear, which has been his companion for forty years.

Tickets to see Adele in concert were left behind in Glasgow Central and a suitcase of Scottish square sausage discovered in Dumfries.

Shakila Ahmed, Travelodge Spokeswoman said: “For a variety of reasons we do get some interesting and precious items being left behind such as a cat called Yoda, a necklace made of £50 notes and wedding vows from the 1950’s.

“This year’s inventory list includes some interesting business related items such as: a set of annual corporate accounts, a suitcase of invoices, new Mercedes AMG car, a Swarovski encrusted waving lucky cat charm belonging to a successful businessman and a forty year old teddy bear whose owner is a CEO.

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“Our customers tell us that the pace of modern life is fast and furious and time is off the essence especially when getting from A to B therefore valuable possessions are easily being forgotten.”

The full list of bizarre items left behind by Travelodge’s leisure and business customers in Scotland are listed below:

Case of red bull (Aberdeen Justice Mill Lane)

Village of garden gnomes (Dundee Strathmore)

A forty year old teddy bear belonging to a CEO (Edinburgh Central)

A Matrice drone, still in its box (Glasgow Queen Street)

A suitcase full of Scottish square sausage (Dumfries)

A doll’s house made to look like Balmoral Castle (Aberdeen Central)

Tickets to see Adele in Concert (Glasgow Central)

An water colour of Loch Lomond (Fort William)

A suitcase of tartan fabric samples for home interiors (Ayr)

A stamp collection (Edinburgh Mussleburgh)

A pair of pointe ballet shoes (Inverness)