Comedy preview: Rob Rouse: Life Sentences at The Stand

WARNING: Not suitable for children or your prissy Aunty. That’s the caveat on next Tuesday’s show at The Stand Comedy Club.

The comedian justifying that heads-up is none other than Rob Rouse, who, in 1998, followed in the footsteps of Peter Kay, Tommy Tiernan and Dylan Moran when he won the So You Think You’re Funny? newcomers showcase at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Today, Rouse is firmly established as one of the stand-up circuit’s favourite comedians.Casting his mind back to that breakthrough moment he says, “It meant I could give up my day job. I was temping in the City of London as a caretaker and doing open spots at night.

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“However there’s no substitute for hard work and ultimately you have to learn on the job and in public too, so it was a double edge sword really, especially as I’d only been going a few months when I won it.

“There are no shortcuts and I believe if you keep writing and enjoying it, comics can only get better as they mature.”

Suitably matured, as Rouse embarks on his third, and largest tour to date, he reflects on becoming a father for the second time, this time to a baby girl.

Consequently he now finds himself becoming a staunch radical feminist, albeit trapped inside the body of an emotionally stifled 38-year-old man. However, he insists his new show is not about men versus women, more a case of humanity versus insanity. Not a battle of the sexes, but a battle for the sexes.

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“I think this is the funniest show I’ve done. I didn’t take it to the Edinburgh Festival as my lad started school in September so I wanted to be home for the summer, so it still feels really fresh too.

“Also, I consciously didn’t give it a narrative, I’ve just let it all come out of my guts. I’m well aware that sounds disgusting, but as it’s all come from the same place, it all makes sense together. I’m having a ball doing it.”

And why shouldn’t you bring your prissy aunt?

“What do you reckon!?!” he laughs.

Rob Rouse: Life Sentences, The Stand, York Place, Tuesday, £12, 8.30pm, 0131-558 7272

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