Comedy reviews: Jim Jeffries | Josie Long | Jen Brister

THERE’S not much can be written about Jim Jeffries (Assembly Mound, 9pm, until August 26 ****) that hasn’t been said already.

Sure, his material can be shocking, but if you find it overly offensive, then you’re probably missing the point. Whether he’s talking about weighty topics like God’s unconditional love or trivial concerns such as the etiquette of aeroplane seating, the 35-year-old has got a knack for cutting to the heart of the matter. He’s also unafraid to paint himself in a less-than-flattering light if it serves to illustrate a point, sharing personal experiences that are embarrassing, uncomfortable and downright degrading, but magnificently uproarious all the same.

After becoming politicised following the 2010 election, Josie Long (Pleasance Courtyard, 6pm, until August 27 ****) has since questioned her commitment to the cause, suffering an existential crisis that many will identify with. How can she reconcile her everyday life with her desire for a better world? Searching for the answer has provided her with some potentially award-winning material. Whether it’s demonstrating exactly how much she loves social justice, her unrealistic expectations of Ed Miliband or a glorious on-stage freak-out aimed at the Conservatives, her child-like dividing people into “goodies” and “baddies” is a joy to behold. A stand-out stand-up.

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Serving up as many daft voices, but significantly less social commentary, is Jen Brister (JTT @The Caves, 7.35pm, until August 26 ****). In fact, she makes it quite clear at the outset that the audience will have learned nothing come the end of the show. That’s not strictly true – we discover that Brister possesses a magnetic personality. She’s happy to share tales about camping, clubbing and childhood in which she’s often the butt of the joke, proving that comedy doesn’t always have to be cerebral or cutting-edge to be laugh-out-loud funny.

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