Review: Appointment With The Wicker Man, Assembly Rooms, George Street

“WE’RE all about the fun,” profess the Loch Parry Players. You’d struggle to disagree when you see their attempts to put on a stage production of The Wicker Man, a remake of the cult 
horror film. National Theatre of Scotland bring their touring production to the newly refurbished Assembly Rooms.***

Written by Greg Hemphill and Donald McLeary, the show is a comic, dark and farcical delight.

The Loch Parry Players are a day away from opening night and the leading man has disappeared under suspicious circumstances. All is not lost as “TV cop” Rory is hired under false pretences. Falling set, unique costuming and a Wicker Man made of steel confirm all is not as it seems.

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With strong performances from all involved, including co-writer Hemphill as the unstable lynchpin, Sally Reid as the innocent but fiery red-head Marie and Paul Reilly as “Methadone actor” Fran, this is a gem.

Until Sunday 26