Edinburgh's wizarding-themed cocktail bar which combines magic and technology is here to stay

The Dragon's Breath cocktail is a magical displayThe Dragon's Breath cocktail is a magical display
The Dragon's Breath cocktail is a magical display
It's captured the imaginations of adults and kids alike and they will remain in the city.

A pop-up bar which combined science and technology with magic and fantasy has announced that it is here to stay in Edinburgh following a successful run in the Capital.

The Cauldron, located on Frederick Street, has enticed the likes of children, adults and film star Vanessa Hudgens to its immersive class where participants don a robe and wield a working magic wand and use molecular mixology to brew drinkable elixirs.

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Owned by technologist, product designer, and former reading teacher Matthew Cortland and food and beverage experience designer David Duckworth, the duo have decided that their magical spot in Edinburgh is too good to give up.

Founders David Duckworth and Matthew CortlandFounders David Duckworth and Matthew Cortland
Founders David Duckworth and Matthew Cortland
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“It’s great to see how people interact with us, we’re a start-up and watching people use our technology really informs our process.”

Visitors at the immersive cocktail experience will transport to a fantasy world as they use props such as wands, which are powered by the human body, to open doors, turn on lights and pour their drinks. They can also expect a dazzling display of theatrical cocktails, from the spectacular Dragon’s Breath to the Bubbling Shots of Death.

The Cauldron’s reach to other venues is transatlantic as they exist in London, Dublin and New York City.

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There are spell casting wands and bubbling shotsThere are spell casting wands and bubbling shots
There are spell casting wands and bubbling shots

But it was Edinburgh’s magical history that enticed the duo to put Edinburgh on the list.

David said: “Edinburgh has such a depth and history with magic and folklore, from Shakespeare all the way through to modern day, and it’s a place with so much food and drink culture.

“We thought it was a concept which fitted in really well with the city and it was an obvious choice to come here.”

Their experience also reaches out in to the local community, tapping into Matthew’s background of teaching as visitors are encouraged to bring their favourite childhood fantasy books to donate which are collected and then given to

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Edinburgh schools. They have also bewitched their decor with candles and trinkets from Candlemaker Row shop, Black Moon Botanica and had an initial collaboration when they opened with craft brewer Innis & Gunn.

In the next phase of developing The Cauldron, they plan to offer the chance to buy a personalised magic wand, which operates through the user’s body as it completes the circuit and lights the wand up, ready for use in a Cauldron venue.

The magical venue has an area set up as a potions class where visitors can make their drinks bubble and change colour as well as a section designed with tarot in mind that can be used for private parties.

Most impressively they have a self-contained indoor garden which freshly grows garnishes and herbs for the potions.

It’s an immersive experience with a passion for escape to fantasy and where better to try it out than Edinburgh.

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