Best double mattress in UK 2021 - top 8 models reviewed

What's a double mattress? Is it a good fit for couples? Where to buy double mattresses? We give all the answers in this guide!

The Eve original double mattress is an all-foam, medium-firm mattress that has three layers
The Eve original double mattress is an all-foam, medium-firm mattress that has three layers

What’s a double mattress? Double is a very special mattress size. It’s larger than a twin mattress and smaller than a queen mattress, and it’s the only size that works both for single sleepers as well as for couples.

What are double mattress dimensions? Who should and who shouldn’t buy it? What are the best models in the UK, Europe, and all over the world? How to choose the right mattress? Rest assured, you’ll find all the answers here.

Best Double Mattress in 2021

The Emma original double mattress is an all-foam super-breathable mattress made of three different foam layers
The Nectar double memory foam mattress is 12 inches tall and has 3 layers

Eve Original Mattress

- Trial period: 100-nights

- Price: £489

- Where to buy: on, Amazon

- Works best for: stomach sleepers, back sleepers, couples

The Eve Sleep company was founded in England in 2015, and its new memory foam mattresses quickly became pretty popular on the European market. Eve Original memory foam mattress, one of the company’s best-selling products, can already be found on Amazon, the official Eve website and in plenty of other trusted online stores.

So, what’s special about Eve Original? It’s an all-foam, medium-firm (it is rather in category of very firm mattresses compared to other options in this list) mattress that has three layers: soft top layer (the thinnest one), transition foam layer and the thickest and the firmest polyurethane foam layer. This combination of materials along with memory foam structure allows providing great back support and makes these options nearly ideal for most stomach sleepers. It may also work for side sleepers, but if you are a larger person, you may get a bit of sensation of pressure points in your shoulder area.

Eve Original is also one of the most conforming mattresses on the market, and it isolates motion perfectly. Though it’s not super bouncy and traps some heat, so is not a good fit for people with higher than average body temperature, it’s still a great value for money. There is also an option for an orthopaedic mattress for a comfortable night's sleep for people with back pain.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality double memory foam mattress that would be supportive, conforming, pressure-relieving, if you are a back or a stomach sleeper, and if you are not ready to pay a thousand pounds for a bed, this may be a great option for you.

Emma Original Mattress

- Trial period: 100 nights

- Price: £419.40 with a discount, £699 without a discount

- Where to buy: on Amazon

- Works best for: back sleepers, side sleepers, hot sleepers looking for a foam mattress

Emma is a popular mattress brand in Europe. Though it’s a relatively new manufacturer (the company was founded 6 years ago, in Frankfurt, Germany), it has already expanded to 17 countries, not only in Europe, in particular, in the UK, but also on other continents, including North America.

Emma Original mattress is the company’s best-selling product: for many sleepers, that’s just an ideal value for money. It’s an all-foam super-breathable mattress made of 3 different foam layers, each of which has its unique features. Cold foam, Airgocell foam, and visco-elastic memory foam make it supportive, breathable, and adaptive at the same time.

This is a medium-firm double mattress that feels just a little bit softer than average and has both memory foam and latex qualities, which, considering the price, makes it a pretty good affordable mattress. It’s bouncy, it isolates motion well, so it may work for single sleepers, as well as for couples. It’s also a perfect model for back, combo and side sleepers. It may be too soft for strict stomach sleepers and not supportive enough for larger persons, though (a mattress with coils would be a better choice).

The Nectar Double Memory Foam Mattress

- Trial period: 365 nights

- Price: about £577 (with a discount, full-price - about £936)

- Where to buy: on, Amazon

- Works best for: back, and side sleepers, hot sleepers

If you are looking for a mid-range memory foam double mattress with the perfect edge to edge support with key pressure points spread all over the mattress, consider choosing Nectar classic all-foam mattress. Currently, it’s one of the best options in providing sufficient support and and extreme comfort being most popular models on the American market and it rapidly gains popularity among customers from all over the world, including the UK.

It’s 12 inches tall and has 3 layers: gel-infused memory foam, thin transition layer and the thickest durable firm foam that makes a mattress pretty supportive. This is a standard mattress construction, but there are a few details that make this model stand out. First of all, it’s a medium-firm mattress that works not only for just a side or a stomach or a back sleeper - and there’s a good chance that it will work for two partners who have different sleeping positions. Some double memory foam mattresses may feel a bit softer to lightweight people, though. The contouring is just great, and a sleeper is likely to feel that pressure relief in the shoulder area and hip area, but it’s not so easy to move around on it.

So, if you are a back sleeper and your partner is a side sleeper or vice versa, if you want to sink a bit into your memory foam mattress, if you are looking for great pressure relief, and if you want your mattress to have those cooling properties, it may be just perfect for you, especially considering that it’s not too pricey. But if you are a combo sleeper who tosses and turns a lot or if you are a strict stomach sleeper, you can find better options in the market.

OTTY Original Hybrid Mattress

- Trial period: 100 nights

- Price: £519.99 with a discount, full-price - £799

- Where to buy: on, Amazon

- Works best for: back, combo and stomach sleepers, hot sleepers, couples, larger persons

Are you looking for a high-quality pocket sprung mattress? Double sprung mattress, to be exact? In this case, you should definitely take a look at Otty Original Hybrid - an award-winning affordable mattress with up to 2 thousand pocket springs. It has 5 layers, and each of them has its own features. Softer foam conforms to a body shape, while firmer foam along with 6+ inch coil springs makes it extra supportive. Firm delivery available within 6-7 - so, it’s a medium-firm, a bit firmer than average bed.

There is also cooling gel infused into the top layer of foam: the company uses one of the most modern airflow technologies, so it works perfectly for hot sleepers, too. Due to the numerous pocketed springs, it can hold even a larger person on a surface, providing proper pressure relief and proper support at the same time. This is not an innerspring mattress - each spring is separated from another one making a pocket spring, so there is very low motion transfer, which makes it perfect for couples who’d like to buy a double bed. And the best thing is it’s pretty affordable for a British high-quality hybrid mattress.

Simba Hybrid Double Mattress

- Trial period: 200-night trial

- Price: £879, and £650.46 new customer price with a discount

- Where to buy: on, Amazon

- Works best for: side sleepers, combo, and stomach sleepers

British manufacturer, Simba, produces a best-selling double pocket sprung mattress that has multiple European awards and becomes increasingly popular in the global mattress market as well. The thing is it has a unique construction and is made of unique Simba materials which are hypoallergenic and incredibly breathable. Some of the layers are made of latex-like (but significantly cheaper) materials which make a mattress bouncier and more supportive. Over 2,500 individually wrapped coils isolate motion pretty well. Still, we must also admit that you won’t feel anything when your partner sits on the mattress or is tossing at night, you can still feel that movement, which, however, is minimal.

It’s a medium-firm mattress that provides proper support and works great for stomach sleepers. Firm delivery available within 6-7 scores out of 10. Its softer upper layers make it a pretty good option for side sleepers as well, as this softness allows relieving that pressure in your shoulders and hips. On a Simba mattress, you won’t sink too deep into the mattress, though.

So, generally speaking, it’s not surprising that Simba is one of the best-selling European mattresses - it works for the vast majority of mediumweight sleepers, consider the sleeping position though. It’s much more supportive and bouncier than most all-foam mattresses, so if you aren’t looking for a softer mattress and that feeling when your body is slowly sinking into a plush foam mattress, this hybrid may be ideal for you.

The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid

- Trial period: 365 nights

- Price: £1,081, and about £649 with a discount

- Where to buy: on, Amazon

- Works best for: back and combo sleepers, people who sleep hot at night

DreamCloud is one of the best-known American memory foam, but not only, mattress brands that produce tons of products in different categories, from begging and pillows to bed bases and sell them worldwide. Its 14-inch Luxury Hybrid, however, deserves special attention. The company added the word “luxury” for a reason - it’s really made of just the right amount of top-quality materials, in particular, great memory foam and polyfoam, and has individually wrapped coils that provide proper support. Generally speaking, this is a premium mattress for a much lower price. But does it mean that you should buy it?

To answer this question, consider your sleeping position and preferences. It may work for side sleepers due to the softer upper layers, but it’s still a bit firmer-than-average mattress, so if you look for excellent pressure relief and a plush memory foam mattress to sink into, this may not be the best option. However, if you are a back sleeper, you will appreciate the support that coils provide. The same works for stomach sleepers as well (mostly for lightweight and medium-weight though). Combo sleepers, those who toss and turn a lot, as well as hot sleepers will love it, too. Speaking of heat, there is a cashmere cover which also proves that this hybrid is a genuinely luxury mattress at an affordable price. This bed is not noisy at all and isolates motion pretty well with a memory foam layer (you still feel it, but it’s minimized), so it’s also a great bed for couples.

Casper Original Mattress

- Trial period: 100 nights

- Price: £790 and about £610 with a discount

- Where to buy: on, Amazon

- Works best for: side and back sleepers

Casper was a startup project founded 7 years ago in New York. Now it’s one of the most popular mattress brands, especially memory foam mattresses, and the 11-inch all-foam Casper Original mattress is one of its best sellers. Thousands of people have already bought it, and most of them were satisfied with the purchase. Why? Let’s find out.

This double bed mattress has 3 layers of foam - top softer layer, zoned memory foam, and firm polyurethane foam. All the benefits of this option are that sleeping on Casper is that you feel that it’s actually zoned - it’s a bit softer under your shoulders and feet but firmer and more supportive at the centre creating the sinking feeling. That's why it’s a mattress that fits the vast majority of sleepers. It’s a medium-firm bed, but it may feel a bit firmer if you are a larger person and it may feel like a soft double mattress if you are a lightweight sleeper.

Generally speaking, Casper is great for back sleepers, works pretty well for most side sleepers, and is pretty supportive for strict stomach sleepers (they can find a firmer and a more supportive mattress in the market, though). It traps some heat just like all other memory foam mattresses, but it’s still quite breathable. Considering that it isolates motion well and is silent, it is a good option both for single sleepers and for couples.

Ikea HÖVÅG Mattress

- Trial period: 90 days

- Price: £179

- Where to buy: on, Amazon

- Works best for: all types of sleepers due to 2 firmness levels and heavier-weight sleepers

If you are looking for the Ikea small double mattress, consider buying this one - it’s more than just affordable and is still a pretty comfortable bed that works well for many types of sleepers. On top of that, it’s a hybrid with an extra layer of coils that provide proper support to back and stomach sleepers. Let’s take a closer look at its construction.

The mattress has three layers: pocket springs that provide extra support, help isolate motion, and also make a mattress more breathable, and two foam layers that are also pretty firm and supportive, making the spine aligned, preventing back pain after sleep. If choosing in the category of pocket sprung mattresses, do not go for fewer springs than this option has. Speaking of firmness, despite it being a very cheap model, customers can still choose between the two levels of firmness - medium-firm and firm. The second option is better for sleepers who need extra support, in particular, stomach sleepers and sometimes back sleepers. Side sleepers, in turn, can choose a softer version. The cover, however, is not removable, and Ikea recommends washing a mattress with a cover using a furniture cleaning solution, if necessary.

Another great thing about this mattress is that it works equally well for medium-weight and larger-weight persons. It’s supportive enough, and again, you can choose a firmer version. Note that though there is a 90-day trial, you won’t get the refund if you return it - the company will provide you with an opportunity to exchange it for another product.

Frequently asked questions: Find your answer here.

Have you chosen a mattress to try? Even if you are not ready for a purchase yet, it would be useful to know some more information about double mattresses: maybe it will help you to make the final, more correct decision.

What size are double mattresses?

What is the size of a double mattress? Is it a Queen size or maybe a Twin size? None of them, actually. It’s a bit smaller than Queen and larger than Twin size. The term “Double” is a European equivalent to the American Full size, but these numbers slightly vary depending on product.

Double mattresses in the UK and full mattresses in the US are 54 inches (4′6″) or 137 cm wide and 75 inches (6′3″) or 190cm long.

But do we actually need this size? In fact, it’s a perfect option for many sleepers. It may be a great option for a single sleeper who just wants to have some extra space or for a couple who likes hugs, wants to have a comfortable bed, but isn’t ready to pay too much for it.

Again, there is no difference between, for example, UK double mattress size and US full mattress size - these are exactly the same sizes.

What is a small double mattress?

So, the standard double mattress size is 4 feet 6 inches x 6 feet 3 inches. But what is a small double mattress? The thing is there is a smaller version of a double or full size - it’s 4 inches x 6 feet 3 inches and 120 x 190 cm, respectively.

Obviously, a small double bed frame is not as wide as a standard one - it’s 6 inches narrower - which is why such a mattress will hardly work as well for couples. This is rather a comfortable bed for one person who wants some extra space compared to what the twin mattress can give.

When a double mattress is the best choice: consider size, your sleeping position and partner's sleeping habits

Why buy an inflatable double mattress instead of buying a Twin or a Queen bed-in-a-box? We’ve already mentioned some reasons before, but let us take a look at a full list of things that make people think that a double mattress may be an ideal option for them:

It’s much easier to move, it’s generally less heavy than a Queen bed.

It’s perfect for a smaller bedroom.

It’s more comfortable for a single adult sleeper than a Twin mattress.

It’s still pretty comfortable for couples who love cuddling.

It’s better for couples who are on a budget.

There are tons of double mattresses in the market, and some of them (in particular, models that we’ve described above) are super-comfortable. As you can see, there may be plenty of reasons for choosing them for your best night's sleep. There are cheap double beds with mattress next day delivery, there are firm and soft versions, there are hybrids and all-foam mattresses - every sleeper or a couple can find a double bed that would be ideal for them.

Are there any double mattress sales?

Is it easy to find a double bed and the best mattress sale? Yes, it is.

As you may have notiсed, we provided some prices for double mattresses with discounts. So, basically, yes, you can easily find a double bed mattress sale - there are a lot of them, but they depend not on the mattress size but on the manufacturer and/or a store that sells it. To be honest, a lot of big brands have discounts for qualitative, memory foam mattresses all the time - they literally never sell a mattress at the full price.

Nevertheless, there are periods when discounts are even more generous, for example, Independence Day, Amazon Prime Day (if you are going to buy a mattress on this website), New Year, etc.

How much do double mattresses usually weigh?

In most cases, double mattresses weigh 50-60 pounds. Note that the weight will depend on the construction of the mattress, its thickness, and materials. For example, a high hybrid mattress with 2,000+ coils will weigh more than a memory foam mattress without springs or individual pocket springs. And the pocket sprung mattresses are usually about 70-80 pounds.

How to transport a double mattress?

How big is a double mattress? As we’ve mentioned previously, this size is 4 feet 6 inches x 6 feet 3 inches, and in most cases, such mattresses weigh 50-60 pounds. That’s a lot, of course, but the thing is if you buy a bed-in-a-box, no matter if it’s a hybrid or an all-foam mattress, you won’t need to do actually carry and transport it - the box will be delivered to your doorstep, and you will need only to take it to your bedroom, place on the bed base, unpack it and wait until it fully inflates.

If you want to transport your old mattress (or a fully inflated model), that would be a more complex task. You’ll need to protect it by wrapping it in plastic, then load it onto a vehicle, preferably a truck, van or pickup, and then transport it.

How much does a double mattress cost?

The costs may be very, very different. The cheap double memory foam mattress from our list made by Ikea cost about £179, and that’s a hybrid that has coils and a few layers. The most expensive mattresses (both hybrids and all-foam models) are about £800-£900. The mid-range mattress from Eve costs £489.

That pretty much describes the situation on the mattress market - there are cheap and luxury mattresses, and all you should do is to decide what you really want to get, ask yourself if you are ready to pay for premium materials, extended durability (ideally, a mattress needs to be replaced every 7 years, but some models can be used up to 20 years) and other features. Now you know what the lowest and the highest prices are. Use this information, but we still recommend focusing on the features - first and foremost, your mattress should be comfortable. It’s pretty easy to find a firmer, softer, more supportive, more pressure relieving, bouncier or a silent mattress in each of these price categories.

Do you need a double mattress protector?

Let’s say you have already ordered a new double mattress. Should you buy a protector? This has nothing to do with the double bed mattress size, actually. It depends only on how long you want your mattress to last.

Here’s what a mattress protector does:

Protects your bed from spills, sweat, etc.

Slows down the deterioration process.

Protects your bed from insects and mould.

May also protect new mattress smell, which is sometimes a problem for allergy sufferers

It’s just like buying a phone cover. Do you need it? It’s always up to you.


Is it possible to find a cheap double bed with mattress or just any kind of double mattress online?

Yes, absolutely. Paradoxically, some studies even show that when allowed to test mattresses in a typical showroom experience, individuals appear to choose mattresses that do not optimize their sleep, unlike people who chose them on the web considering their sleeping position and personal preferences.

Rest assured, there are a lot of great models sold in the UK and in the United States (American mattresses like DreamCloud, Casper, Nectar can be ordered on Amazon or on the manufacturer’s website and shipped to the United Kingdom). The trickiest part is to choose one of them. We recommend focusing more on your sleeping style and preferences - that’s the only way to find an ideal bed. As for the costs, as we’ve noted previously, there are many cheap, mid-range, and luxury options in the market, so if you know exactly what firmness and materials you need, should it contain a memory foam layer or not, you’ll be able to find a more affordable or premium model easily.