South Queensferry brewery's pub plan refused

A brewery’s plan to serve alcohol at its beer shop in South Queensferry has been refused by the council after an upstairs neighbour complained there would be “no escape from the noise”.

By Donald Turvill
Wednesday, 25th May 2022, 10:42 am
Updated Wednesday, 25th May 2022, 11:23 am
Stock photo of Ferry Fest at Ferry brewery, in 2018, photo by Alistair Linford.
Stock photo of Ferry Fest at Ferry brewery, in 2018, photo by Alistair Linford.

The Ferry Brewery’s bid to open a pub in its store on South Queensferry High Street was thrown out by officials due to the “unacceptable impact” it would have on nearby residents.

The planning application submitted by the brewery, labelled “evasive” by one of its objectors, stated it was seeking a change of use of the listed building from class 1 ‘shop’ to a class 3 ‘food and drink’ – which does not cover the consumption of alcohol.

But a closer look at documents submitted revealed plans for a 59-seat bar and off-license.

Whilst reviewing the proposals, officials concluded the application “would more accurately be described as a public house use”.

They added: “It is clear that the annotated drawings demonstrate that the layout is predominantly set up for the consumption of alcohol on the premises.

“As that would be the primary function, the proposed public house would be directly located under housing.”

Social media posts from the business suggest it has already held events there, including a beer and whisky tasting event on April 29.

A resident who lives directly above the beer shop sent a formal objection in response to the plans,

The neighbour stated: “I have no objections to a shop with a small seating area but the proposed plans are for a sizeable bar, open until late in the evening.

“At present only half of the shop/bar is open, directly below my kitchen and I can hear every word and feels like I’m now sitting in the bar itself! That was only with around eight people in there.

“I’m dreading what it’s going to be like when there is seating across both sides of the building and it is capable of taking 59 people as stated in the plan.

“It will mean there will be no escape from the noise in either my living areas (kitchen and living room above both sides).

“I have lived happily in this property for eight years and noise has never been an issue and I’m finding the new plans extremely concerning.”

There were also 10 letters of support for the proposals, although all were submitted anonymously.

One said: “The expansion of the shop on the High Street gives the Brewery a prime spot to further publicise the great (award winning) beer brewed locally.”

Another added: “This is a fantastic local business with a hard working owner and staff carrying on this lost brewing history in Queensferry.”

Other supporting statements said the plans would bring “no inconvenience to the local residents”, would “support the health of the High Street in general” and would be “a breath of fresh air for South Queensferry”.

Planners refused permission, ruling there would be a “detrimental impact” on local residents if the proposed plan was approved.

The Ferry Brewery is an Independent, multi award-winning brewery which was founded in 2016.

It operates brewing facilities in South Queensferry, where it has both a tap room and shop. Its products are widely available across Scotland and England.