This Edinburgh pub says it has the biggest plate of nachos in the city

A pub manager is claiming this is the city's biggest plate of nachos.

Friday, 7th September 2018, 14:32 pm
Updated Friday, 7th September 2018, 16:55 pm
The "gigantic" nachos are served at the Auld Hoose in the city's Southside. Picture: Jonathan Winks

But could you do what no one else has done in a decade, and finish them all by yourself?

You'll find these gigantic meat, veggie or vegan nacho dishes at The Auld Hoose in the city's Southside. Priced at £20, this mountain of a meal weighs in at 6lbs and is meant for sharing between four and six people, with smaller sized sharing plates costing £12.50.

Manager Jonathan Winks, who has run the pub for about 15 years, says it is common for people to come in and try conquering their biggest portions single handedly.

The "gigantic" nachos are served at the Auld Hoose in the city's Southside. Picture: Jonathan Winks

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He said: "Some people just know us as the 'nacho pub.' We definitely have the biggest portions in Edinburgh."

Head chef Iain Stewart came up with the idea of creating the biggest plate of nachos in Edinburgh nearly 10 years ago.

Jonathan assured that no one has ever finished it solo in the time since, but stressed the team does encourage customers to share in order to avoid food wastage.

Cheese, chilli, beans, mince, sour cream, jalapenos and guacamole are stacked up together to create the Mexican classic.

Jonathan says that on the last Saturday of August, his team produced about 80 portions of sharing nachos during one day of service, adding: "The festival is always mad, the same people come back to see us every year."

Every dish on the Auld Hoose menu (except the macaroni cheese) offers a vegan and veggie option.

Jonathan added: "We try and have it so that everyone can come and eat together and enjoy it."

The Auld Hoose is also offering a 20 per cent student discount on food throughout September, with a 10 per cent discount the rest of the year.