From Scotland to the world: Subsurface Global rebrands to WeConnect Energy

In an industry where adaptability is the key for success, Edinburgh headquartered Subsurface Global has proved a leading player for the past 15 years.
Rebrand for Edinburgh company with a global reach in the energy sector – WeConnect Energy. Submitted pictureRebrand for Edinburgh company with a global reach in the energy sector – WeConnect Energy. Submitted picture
Rebrand for Edinburgh company with a global reach in the energy sector – WeConnect Energy. Submitted picture

Specialising in the provision of recruitment and contracting services to the global energy sector, the company has announced a rebrand to WeConnect Energy, marking a significant milestone in its journey.

This rebrand not only underscores WeConnect Energy's unwavering commitment to its core competencies in subsurface and drilling, but also highlights a clear ambition to venture further into wider energy sectors and broaden its global reach. This evolution paves the way to exciting collaborations with a wider range of colleagues, partners and future clients across the energy industry, specialising at senior technical, corporate and executive levels.

"WeConnect Energy is more than just a name change; it's a reflection of our vision for the future," said Peter Bottomley, Chief Operating Officer. "We have the confidence and ambition to embrace the opportunities presented by the evolving energy mix, all the while maintaining our industry recognised high-standards and results-driven approach to recruitment. Our specialist services to the subsurface and drilling industry will continue to thrive, and represent our blueprint for further expansion across Upstream, Corporate, Low Carbon & New Energy markets.”

The company, which celebrated its 15th anniversary in August, is proudly part of Scale-up Scotland 2.0, a programme designed to provide strategic support to high-growth companies with the potential to achieve over £100 million turnover by 2027. This strategic support is just one of the reasons the company views Scotland as a key component for enabling growth. Richard Madden, Chief Executive Officer, stated that “expanding our presence in Scotland whilst venturing into new markets and countries is an obvious choice. The blend of experience and potential across Scotland’s energy mix creates a tremendous base for our business to connect ambitious organisations with our ever-growing network of industry specialists; many of whom offer attractive transferable technical and commercial skills to a variety of energy sectors – both domestic and international.”

To achieve the bold ambitions set out by the company and Scale-up Scotland, Richard stated that “WeConnect Energy is focused on tripling our headcount within the next three years. Additionally, we want to create a world-class graduate programme by partnering with top universities here in Scotland; and we are also committed to expanding our global reach into the US and Asian markets, complementing our current footprint in the Middle East.”

The transformation of Subsurface Global to WeConnect Energy is more than a name change; it's a strategic pivot that reflects the organisation’s readiness to embrace the evolving energy sector. With their wealth of experience, global network, and a commitment to excellence, WeConnect Energy is poised to make a significant impact in the broader energy landscape. The organisation is currently hiring several key internal recruitment and business development roles in Edinburgh, solidifying Scotland’s importance and influence in the global energy industry.

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