GreenFox sets standard in home solar energy

When it comes to illuminating the path to solar home energy excellence look no further than the radiant minds behind GreenFox Energy.
GreenFox Energy founders Andy Murphy and Eddie CurranGreenFox Energy founders Andy Murphy and Eddie Curran
GreenFox Energy founders Andy Murphy and Eddie Curran

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Founders Andy Murphy and Eddie Curran, renowned for their accolades in retail and financial services, couldn’t believe the dim state of Scotland's solar energy market and how poorly customers were being served.

They were so worried about how difficult it was to find qualified, trustworthy and helpful providers of solar equipment that they resolved to be the guiding light that was sorely missing.

GreenFox setting the standard in home solar energyGreenFox setting the standard in home solar energy
GreenFox setting the standard in home solar energy

GreenFox was born and is now a shining beacon setting the standard in home solar installations.

Their initial experience came from looking for their own solar power help. Based on this and homeowner surveys they discovered the market for solar energy needs to work much better for customers.

They discovered many installers lack basic knowledge about how solar energy systems work, create problems for customers because they don’t have the necessary certification and give poor advice and incomplete information.

Many also make excessive claims about achievable savings and leave customers without any post-installation support.

GreenFox Energy's Five Foxy steps to solar satisfactionGreenFox Energy's Five Foxy steps to solar satisfaction
GreenFox Energy's Five Foxy steps to solar satisfaction

GreenFox say they exist to do all of this better, providing clear and fair pricing, honest and realistic savings estimates, personal service and all the advice and support a homeowner needs, to really understand how to get the best out of their solar energy system.

Eddie said: “Customers shouldn’t have to choose between savings and service. We’re so serious about that, we’ve written it into our engineers’ contracts.

"Every one of them is incentivised to treat customers and their homes with the utmost care and respect. Our contracts penalise them if they don’t meet our high standards, but pay them a bonus if the customer rates them highly.”

But can solar power really save me money?

A correctly specified and configured solar energy system installed by an MCS certified engineer can generate significant savings for almost every homeowner in Scotland, say GreenFox.

To illustrate the type of possible savings, the team at GreenFox shared a recent experience of one of their customers.

Combining solar panels and a storage battery enabled their customer to make a 43% reduction in their electricity consumption from the Grid – even in February, in central Scotland.

And using GreenFox advice, about how to maximise savings through a ‘Time of Use’ energy tariff, this translated into a 74% reduction in their electricity bill for the month.

So it’s clear, even in winter, solar energy can still pay-off handsomely, says GreenFox.

New-build homes need solar support too

GreenFox say another surprising aspect of the customer demand they are seeing, across central Scotland, is the amount of interest from homeowners who have recently moved into new-build properties which already have some solar panels in place.

Andy said: “Housebuilders are now required to install a minimum level of solar generation capability in all new houses. However, in most cases - to keep their construction costs low - this only amounts to a very small number of solar panels and a very limited inverter (the component which turns solar power into usable electricity).

"At GreenFox we’re hearing from many frustrated owners of newly built homes who are disappointed by how little energy they are able to generate and the fact their houses haven’t been given battery storage capability.

"Upgrading inverters and adding just a few more panels and a battery can transform the impact of their solar energy system and set them up for permanently low electricity bills throughout their time in their new home. We’re also providing the advice these homeowners have been lacking around how to sell excess power back to the Grid.”

The GreenFox Mission: everyone can benefit

The team at GreenFox say their mission is a simple but important one.

Andy added: “We want to make solar energy a simple, smart and successful choice for as many of Scotland’s homeowners as possible.

"We’re convinced that almost every homeowner can benefit from solar power provided they get the right advice and the design and installation of their system takes full account of their home’s characteristics and their family’s specific needs.

He added: “Savings of over £1,100 a year are quite typical for an average house. With 13 years being the typical length of time a homeowner lives at an address, over their total time in that house a solar energy system for an average house would be expected to save the homeowner at least £7,000 even after all the costs of purchase and installation are accounted for.”


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