Nationwide sausage shortage as dieters clear shelves of new low fat sausage

Slimmers are going bonkers for a new brand of low fat sausage - sparking empty shelves and furious online rows.
Slimmers are clearing shelves of the new diet sausage. Stock imageSlimmers are clearing shelves of the new diet sausage. Stock image
Slimmers are clearing shelves of the new diet sausage. Stock image


The healthy bangers have caused a storm after Slimming World categorised them as having just 0.5 ‘syn points’.

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Their diet plan lets followers consume up to 15 ‘points’ worth of higher calories foods and treats a day.

But keen dieters recently discovered that Porky Lights sausages count as just HALF a ‘syn’ point - compared to other sausages which are FIVE precious daily points.

Now supermarkets are selling out of the 78 calorie pork bangers quicker than they can buy them in, leaving bare shelves across the country.

Online forums reveal dieters are bulk buying stacks of the sausages by driving more than 30 miles to get them - and then proudly posting photos of their ‘winnings’.

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Dieters are claiming the sausages have lead to rows in shops as people bulk buy and leave none for others.

The shortage has seen the Surrey-based makers Porky Whites inundated by “frustrated” shoppers begging for them to make more.

Slimming Facebook groups have revealed “arguments” in supermarkets over the last packets - and people slamming “selfish” people who bulk buy.

Writing on Slimming World Lifeline Support Group, one woman said: “Today I went shopping to get myself some treats at the local Asda - what a shock and surprise I had in store.

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“People were arguing over Porky Lights. It was like a cattle market. They were just taking them in boxes.

“There was no thought for anyone else and rude was not the word. There are lots of us on Slimming World. Shame on some people. Should be more considerate.”

The £2.25 six-pack of low fat 70 per cent pork sausages were released in a limited number of smaller supermarkets.

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But after word spread of their 0.5 syn value, the suppliers Porky Whites sold them into larger shops.

The Porky Whites Facebook page has more than 4,000 likes and almost every visitor post is from Slimming World devotees asking for more sausages.

‎Vicki Smith‎ asked: “I can’t find your Porky Light sausages anywhere.

“I’ve tried Tesco Daventry & Rugby. Asda Rugby, Sainsbury’s Rugby & Northampton and Morrison’s Coventry.

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“Can I buy them direct from you or can you confirm where I can get them please.”

Tracy Ellis‎ added: “Please please tell me where I can buy these in York, North Yorkshire.

“There are hundreds of Slimming World members poised to snatch these from the shelves as fast as you can deliver them!”

Claire Bennett‎ wrote: “Porky Whites - I am getting frustrated with not being able to get hold of Porky LIGHTS - I do my online shopping with ASDA, who are naff at the best of times with product availability....but every time I order they substitute Porky Lights.

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“I specifically need Porky LIGHTS as I’m on Slimming World and they’re only half a syn per sausage. I’ve managed to get some from another ASDA store but nowhere else seems to stock them in my area.

“Do all of the stores on you ‘where to buy’ section of the website stock Porky LIGHTS? Or mainly just Porky WHITES? Thanks. Please help, I’m hungry.”

Slimmer Victoria Fenner, 45, used to make a 50-mile round trip to buy the sausage until she persuaded her local Budgens to buy them in.

Now she buys around 120 a week to sell them on at cost price to dozens of women at her Slimming World groups.

The legal secretary said: “People love them because they are half a syn but they taste like proper butchers’ sausages.

“I could sell double I think if I had them. I’ve never got enough.”