Woman accuses Clarks of anti-Scottish '˜discrimination' after job application

Clarks ShoesClarks Shoes
Clarks Shoes
A woman has accused a company of anti-Scottish discrimination after inadvertently receiving an email about her job application for a role with the firm.

Dawn Scott applied for a position as a customer care agent for Clarks Shoes - but received an email back from recruiters that said: “Invite? She’s Scottish mind... think twice.”

She was told by the company that it was a “poor joke”.

Dawn publicly posted the email on the official Clarks Shoes Facebook group.

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She said: “I have never been so offended as I was after receiving an email back from one of your recruitment managers regarding a job I applied for in one of your stores.

“I expect so much more from a company like Clarks. This is a form of discrimination and a form of racism,

“I emailed to ask what was meant by this comment and I was told it was a poor joke! Truly disgusting!”

Clarks Shoes have been contacted for a comment.

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