Bikers target Craigentinny Primary School

Parents were terrified after a gang of bikers rampaged through the playground of Craigentinny Primary School just before home time.
Craigentinny Primary School, Picture: GoogleCraigentinny Primary School, Picture: Google
Craigentinny Primary School, Picture: Google

Eye witnesses said teachers were holding children inside the school until the anti-social riders had cleared off.

The off-road bikers were reported to have entered the playground making intimidating gestures while revving and doing wheelies” as parents stood in shock and fear.

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One parent said: “It was the noise that first alerted waiting parents to the fact that bikes were approaching the playground.

“I ran after them shouting to get out the playground.

“One of them had already left the school grounds after driving through and was sitting outside the school shaking his fists at everyone in an intimidating manor.

“Shortly after the other one left however they could still be heard close by in the area.”

Another parent posted on Facebook: “They had scarves on under their helmets so you couldn’t see their face only their eyes were showing. It was so scary, seconds later and the Primary 1/2 would of all been out and on the grass where they were.”

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“The audacity to do that anywhere let alone in the grounds of a primary school just before the bell is beyond shocking.”

Other parents spoke of how a large group of off-road bikers have been driving unsafely around the area, intimidating road users and pedestrians in the Craigentinny, Findlay and Lochend areas.

A police van was seen circling the area shortly after the incident.