10-year-old's '˜hidden disability' toilet sign is adopted

A TEN-year-old girl who designed a '˜hidden disability' toilet sign is celebrating the first one being unveiled.
Grace Warnock from Prestonpans. Picture: Jon SavageGrace Warnock from Prestonpans. Picture: Jon Savage
Grace Warnock from Prestonpans. Picture: Jon Savage

Grace Warnock, from Prestonpans, has Crohn’s Disease, which means she has to make frequent visits to the toilet. But because there is no outward sign of her illness, she often got “dirty looks” when she used disabled loos.

She decided if people were going to acknowledge “invisible disabilities” there needed to be a change in the signs used for disabled toilets, so they did not suggest they were only for wheelchair users.

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She came up with a sign which adds two figures with a heart symbol to illustrate “invisible” disability. And she launched the “Grace’s Sign” campaign to get it adopted in public buildings.

She was on hand yesterday to see her new sign being unveiled at the loch centre in Tranent.

Crohn’s disease is a long-term condition causing inflammation of the lining of the digestive system. More than 115,000 people in the UK suffer from it.