Edinburgh chiropractor’s advice to help end back pain

A leading Edinburgh chiropractor has revealed the best step you can take to avoid back and neck pain misery.

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Tuesday, 30th November 2021, 11:19 am
Working from home giving you pain? Read on…
Working from home giving you pain? Read on…

It’s routine to have our eyes tested or visit the dentist to care for our teeth, but Doctor of Chiropractic Gary Blackwood, of White Tree Chiropractic, says it’s just as important to look after our spine.

He says regular chiropractic ‘check ups’ can improve back strength and help build good muscle and nerve support, helping to ensure the spine is in good condition.

That can also bring a range of ‘wellness’ benefits while problems can be spotted early, helping to tackle what might evolve into painful problems.

Fix that sore back for good

It’s a different way of viewing chiropractors’ work, for patients typically would visit a clinic for treatment once they have already endured back and neck pain, and headaches.

But Dr Blackwood, who offers complimentary consultations, says that as well as those seeking pain relief, White Tree Chiropractic sees many patients looking to prevent problems arising and increase general wellness.

They often report additional health benefits, such as less tension, more energy, better sleep, improved strength, flexibility and athletic performance.“If you had toothache, you would visit a dentist,” he says. “If you wanted to prevent toothache you would visit your dentist regularly for check-ups.”

Just like a regular trip to the dentist can help prevent future problems, regular trips to a chiropractor can help prevent problems with your back and neck and minimise pain.

Chiropractors are expert in the function of the spine or vertebrae. Damage or misalignment to the vertebrae can impact on the nerve system, leading to lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, fatigue, restriction of mobility and even imbalance and dizziness – among other symptoms.

Treatment at White Tree Chiropractic is individually tailored to each patient, often with a ‘holistic’ element encompassing nutrition and exercises.

Special attention is taken to getting to the root causes of back, neck and headache pain, which can often be linked to a combination of factors.

Working from home during lockdown, often at makeshift desks, has led to posture problems for some. People have also struggled to get access to regular medical appointments during this period, both of which have aggravated backs and neck problems.

Dr Blackwood, who is regulated by the General Chiropractic Council, added: “Optimising spinal function is our primary concern and focus.

With years of experience, we have had a great deal of success in alleviating pain but also drastically improving the overall wellbeing of many of our clients.

“We use a combination of techniques to strengthen and balance patients’ nerve system when spinal vertebrae are injured or misaligned.”

White Tree Chiropractic has Covid-19 safe measures in place, while new clients can take advantage of a free online consultation before arranging in-person treatment.To find out more, and arrange an appointment, visit https://whitetreechiro.co.uk/ or call 0131 225 1177