Dogs should follow social distancing guidelines, Scottish SPCA warns

Dogs could carry the virus on their coat, the body warned.
The advice comes from the Scottish SPCAThe advice comes from the Scottish SPCA
The advice comes from the Scottish SPCA

Dogs should be social distancing too when outdoors, according to advice from a leading Scottish animal welfare charity.Scottish SPCA chief superintendent Mike Flynn said there was no evidence to suggest pets are susceptible to the coronavirus, gut warned the animals can carry it on their coats, like any other surface.Mr Flynn said it was vital to exercise pets during the pandemic, but said dogs, like their owners, should stay apart to minimise the chance of it spreading.He said: "As the advice stands at the moment, a domestic dog cannot spread the virus to a person."But if someone with the virus sneezes on a dog, the virus can be on its coat the same as any other surface."At the moment there is nothing to stop you taking your dog out responsibly.

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