Free anxiety and self-help near Edinburgh

A highly qualified Edinburgh therapist is offering free self-help advice and self-care tips for people suffering from anxiety during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Friday, 24th April 2020, 1:02 pm
Susan: Everyone at some point will need to ask for help
Susan: Everyone at some point will need to ask for help

Susan Watson, who has been a specialist in her field for nearly 10 years, normally offers face-to-face help with clients in a discrete, supportive environment in Kirkliston, just outside the city centre.

But now more than ever she is moving to online services, both for her paying clients, and the wider public.

“Anxiety is absolutely normal,” she said, “but when we get stuck in repetitive thoughts of worry about the future -and the future seems very uncertain at the moment – or when people are excluded from their family, they might need help.

“Everyone at some point will need to ask for help, from family or their therapist, and there is nothing wrong with that; I’ve done so myself.

“If you feel you are overwhelmed or stuck, do not be frightened or ashamed. People worry about it, but they shouldn’t.”

Throughout the Coronavirus pandemic Susan is offering free advice through her website and Facebook page, with lots of advice, information and support, equipping people with the basic tools to help prevent an anxiety escalation.

Susan, who treats adults and children over the age of 13, is a therapist, coach and trainer, and is an anxiety and emotion specialist. She is a member of the cross party group at the Scottish Parliament for mental health, and a founder member of the Be Your Own Hero Workshops, which aims to empower and teach resilience to parents and children from as young as three, to help prevent them experiencing mental health issues when they are older.

She has also been nominated for two awards this year.

For her paying clients, who can access one-to-one help, Susan says she uses a mix of tailor-made treatments: “I am trained in a range of methods, and often mix them up during sessions, so that I can offer the right treatments for the individual.”

After every session paying clients come away with a self-help recording and a personalised toolkit to help deal with their anxiety. For many people a single session with Susan, which costs £99, is enough for them.

“People get between 90 minutes to two hours in the session, and we work on getting them clearance; it’s about getting things right for them. For many, not all, that only takes the one in depth session. And the session includes remote, ongoing support, free of charge, if they need it.”

You can book a formal consultation at or call Susan on 07946 381886.