Here is the full list of temporary new bus lanes proposed

These are the measures proposed in south-east Scotland
South Bridge is one of the sites proposed for bus stop improvementsSouth Bridge is one of the sites proposed for bus stop improvements
South Bridge is one of the sites proposed for bus stop improvements

• Citybound A90 bus lane from Cramond Brig to Barnton

• Extension of westbound bus lane on Hillhouse Road towards Blackhall

• Optimisation of Blackhall bus priority scheme

• Temporary bus lane on A89 eastbound approach to Newbridge

• Temporary bus lane on A8 westbound approach to Newbridge from airport on-slip

• Short temporary bus lane on citybound approach to Maybury

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• Temporarily lengthen bus stop at Drum Brae Roundabout and increase waiting bays

• Full/part signalisation of Riccarton Mains Road roundabout at Hermiston to aid bus access and egress from Park & Ride

• Temporary kerb build out in bus stops e.g. North Bridge and South Bridge, Bathgate and in Uphall and Broxburn

• Use layby areas as passenger waiting areas and temporary kerbs in Mid Calder on Bank Street

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• Extended bus lane operating hours on A71 heading towards Hermiston Park & Ride site

• A70 westbound bus lane on approach to Gillespie Crossroads

• Introduction of temporary traffic signals at Melville Dykes Rd/B704 Hillhead junction (Lasswade) give more priority to A7 and A6106 approaches

• Gilmerton crossroads – parking restrictions on approaches to junction

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• Changed signal timings and yellow box markings at Straiton junction to aid entry of traffic to the junction from B702 Loanhead Road

• Introduction of continuous bus lane on A701 southbound approach to Kaimes Crossroads

• Introduction of bus lane on Captain’s Road westbound approach to Kaimes Crossroads

• Extension of northbound bus lane on Duddingston Park (A6106) northbound approach to Milton Road (A1)

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• Bus lane on Linkfield Road between racecourse and Musselburgh High Street

• Parking/waiting restrictions on Prestonpans and/or Tranent High Streets to ease congestion and reduce delays to buses

• Split bus stop outside Musselburgh Police Station into two stops.

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