Here is the full list of temporary new bus lanes proposed

These are the measures proposed in south-east Scotland

Tuesday, 1st September 2020, 4:45 pm
South Bridge is one of the sites proposed for bus stop improvements
South Bridge is one of the sites proposed for bus stop improvements

• Citybound A90 bus lane from Cramond Brig to Barnton

• Extension of westbound bus lane on Hillhouse Road towards Blackhall

• Optimisation of Blackhall bus priority scheme

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• Temporary bus lane on A89 eastbound approach to Newbridge

• Temporary bus lane on A8 westbound approach to Newbridge from airport on-slip

• Short temporary bus lane on citybound approach to Maybury

• Temporarily lengthen bus stop at Drum Brae Roundabout and increase waiting bays

• Full/part signalisation of Riccarton Mains Road roundabout at Hermiston to aid bus access and egress from Park & Ride

• Temporary kerb build out in bus stops e.g. North Bridge and South Bridge, Bathgate and in Uphall and Broxburn

• Use layby areas as passenger waiting areas and temporary kerbs in Mid Calder on Bank Street

• Extended bus lane operating hours on A71 heading towards Hermiston Park & Ride site

• A70 westbound bus lane on approach to Gillespie Crossroads

• Introduction of temporary traffic signals at Melville Dykes Rd/B704 Hillhead junction (Lasswade) give more priority to A7 and A6106 approaches

• Gilmerton crossroads – parking restrictions on approaches to junction

• Changed signal timings and yellow box markings at Straiton junction to aid entry of traffic to the junction from B702 Loanhead Road

• Introduction of continuous bus lane on A701 southbound approach to Kaimes Crossroads

• Introduction of bus lane on Captain’s Road westbound approach to Kaimes Crossroads

• Extension of northbound bus lane on Duddingston Park (A6106) northbound approach to Milton Road (A1)

• Bus lane on Linkfield Road between racecourse and Musselburgh High Street

• Parking/waiting restrictions on Prestonpans and/or Tranent High Streets to ease congestion and reduce delays to buses

• Split bus stop outside Musselburgh Police Station into two stops.