'Utterly stupid and profoundly selfish': Edinburgh reacts to anti-lockdown event planned in city

Police Scotland have “strongly urged” people to avoid planned events which are protesting lockdown across Scotland and the rest of the UK this weekend.

By Caitlyn Dewar
Thursday, 14th May 2020, 12:30 pm
Police Scotland have warned people not to attend 'mass gatherings' planned for this weekend
Police Scotland have warned people not to attend 'mass gatherings' planned for this weekend

Leaflets have been posted across social media advertising a “Unified Peaceful Mass Gathering” at locations across the country including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen and Dundee.

The flyers call on people to “bring a picnic” to the events and “say no to the coronavirus bill, no to mandatory vaccines, no to the new normal, and no to the unlawful lockdown”.

The article, posted yesterday on the Evening News, provoked a strong reaction from readers across Edinburgh.

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Janis Aitken said: “Idiots I agree with others on here should have to sign a disclaimer that they will not burden the NHS as it would be totally their own fault .

“I know it won’t happen but these idiots stop me seeing my kids and grandkids.”

Maureen Berry said: “Will be using my right of freedom of movement to take a cold drink out my fridge and sitting on the sofa. These people want attention but they won't from me. Total morons.”

Jim Keddie commented: “Darwin awards 2020 coming to Holyrood Park.”

Tim Wight said that those wishing to attend were “Utterly stupid and profoundly selfish.”

Moira Cowan said: “Anyone attending should be fined named and shamed idiots and people running this event should be prosecuted and jailed putting people at risk spreading the virus and keeping lockdown longer.”

Christopher Aikman said: “I genuinely hope the people of Edinburgh are smart enough not attend such a stupid event... look at what happened to those imbeciles in the states, protesting the mandatory lock down, 70 people from that particular group (excluding the other groups around the US, as I don’t have those numbers of infected) where found to be positive several days after the protest. If you don’t believe it x y or z then that’s fine, but please be smart enough to realise it’s best to not take a chance, especially with a global pandemic as not only would you put yourself at risk, but others as well.”

Laine Gray added: “On the advert they are against everything! Coronavirus bill, mandatory vaccines, the new normal and unlawful lockdown. Obviously they are not against getting the virus, spreading the virus. They also presumably don’t have any older relatives.”

However, while most readers were critical of the gatherings, others offered a different view.

One commenter, Russell Brand, said: “It's not the government's job to protect my health. It’s the government’s job to protect my RIGHTS. It’s my job to protect my health. When you trade liberty for safety you end up losing both.”

Brian Christie added: “Scotland has been turned into a police state.”

Albert Crutcher said: “Infectious disease and authoritarians go hand in hand. Whilst this might not be a great idea. Never give the State more power!”