Watch: 'a sweet isolation serenade' - saxophonist plays to residents in quiet Edinburgh street

Footage shows residents enjoying the jazzy Sunday vibes.

By Katharine Hay
Sunday, 3rd May 2020, 7:36 pm

A saxophonist has been filmed serenading residents in a quiet Edinburgh street.

Footage shows the musician playing his jazzy, dulcet tones as people sit apart along Atholl Crescent listening to him at about 7pm this evening.

Kamran Tahir, who lives in nearby Torphichen Street, said some onlookers, including himself, couldn’t help but film the talented man as he entertained listeners.

The saxophonist was playing to residents in Atholl Crescent in Edinburgh

“I could hear him from my bedroom window,” the 25-year-old said.

“A sweet isolation serenade!”

The video shows one particularly keen onlooker filming right in front of the musician.

Kamran, who is studying at Edinburgh University, said he had never seen the musician despite hearing him play regularly in the area since lockdown began.

But tonight he finally caught the saxophonist on camera.

“While I was walking to Sainsbury’s for some essential shopping I finally found where he plays.

“There were a few bystanders filming, too.

“After he finished everyone clapped.”