Edinburgh residents voice concerns over dead swan left in Water of Leith for at least 5 days

Residents have voiced their concerns about a dead swan which has been left in the Water of Leith for at least five days.

Saturday, 11th May 2019, 4:46 pm
The swan carcass has been in the Water of Leith for at least five days. Pictured is the dead swan this afternoon. Pic: Ian Fletcher

Many have taken to social media to highlight the issue to Edinburgh City Council and RSPB Scotland, along with other animal welfare groups.

In a tweet, the council responded to one concerned local by saying they have reported the issue to the Port of Leith who maintain this area of water.

One concerned resident, Charley Lion, contacted the Evening News to say the council were contacted on Monday about the dead swan.

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She said: "The Shore is a wonderful place to live and we’re so lucky to be by the water with all the wildlife. Many of us have watched these swans raise cygnets year on year so it’s so sad to see them dead in the water. It also must surely be an environmental issue and the lack of concern and responsibility from the relevant authorities is hugely troubling."

A picture was posted on twitter this afternoon by Ian Fletcher showing the swan carcass in the water underneath a bridge in Leith.

In the first of a series of tweets posted earlier this week, LeithDocksHQ described what is thought to be the same bird as a "perfectly healthy nesting swan" which "died for no apparent reason."

They also described it as "suspicious" and said the Water of Leith is full of litter and plastic. They also also said that a nest full of incubated eggs has also been lost as a result of this swan's death.

In another tweet posted this afternoon, they posted pictures showing lots of rubbish strewn across the edge of the river.

LeithDocksHQ also tweeted that they have highlighted the issue to the Scottish SPCA, who said they had not been contacted about it but urged anyone with concerns to contact them on 03000 999 999.

RSPB Scotland responded directly on twitter to say that cases of dead wild waterfowl - including swans, geese and ducks - should be reported to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs on 03459 33 55 77.