How Gail Porter has helped more people than she’ll ever know, including me – Hayley Matthews

As someone who has suffered from depression, Hayley Matthews found the BBC Scotland programme Being Gail Porter incredibly inspiring.

Gail Porter is helping others by sharing her story. Picture: Debra Hurford Brown
Gail Porter is helping others by sharing her story. Picture: Debra Hurford Brown

I remember on the launch night of STV Edinburgh being asked if we knew any celebrities who would be happy to give us a tweet of support. I didn’t. I mean I’d met Mel B in the loos once at Scot FM in 2000 but other than that I was chapping.

I suggested messaging Gail Porter as we’re both from Portobello and a senior member of staff said they didn’t want her message as she’s really troubled.

It upset me greatly and I desperately wanted to fight her corner. I didn’t, but can speak up now and congratulate her on speaking out about mental health.

Her recent programme on BBC Scotland, Being Gail Porter, delves into a very real account of the struggle of fragile mental health.

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Being Gail Porter: the TV presenter turns a camera on her mental health

I’ve suffered many forms of depression, anxiety and have accepted that my mental health has taken a bashing. Watching Gail tell her story was incredibly inspiring and just goes to show that she’s an incredibly strong woman who has kept going, has stayed strong and is now helping others by sharing her story in a bid to help end the stigma of mental ill-health.

From her account of self-harming to talking about letting people down, she tells a very real and raw version of a past that many may never understand. However, for those that can relate – you’ve helped more than you’ll ever know.

So I never got the chance to ask you to give me a message of support but I’d love to give you one: you’re incredible for sharing your story, so thank you!