Linlithgow MSP campaigns for supermarket trollies for disabled children

Linlithgow MSP Fiona Hyslop has been working with local supermarkets to introduce trollies appropriate for disabled children.
Fiona Hyslop MSP.Fiona Hyslop MSP.
Fiona Hyslop MSP.

These trollies are designed for older children with a disability and have a large basket, making them a suitable size for a regular shop. They also have a harness seat to keep the child safe while shopping and a fifth wheel to provide extra support.

Fiona started this work after local mum Stacy Dunsmore shared the difficulties she faced in supermarkets in the area who did not provide suitable trollies for her disabled son.

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Ms Hyslop (SNP) said: “After hearing of the difficulties my constituent was having in finding supermarkets with suitable trollies for her son I was happy to write to many of the major retailers asking if they could source suitable trollies for their stores in my constituency. This is important for families to ensure disabled children are safe and comfortable while in shops.

Home Bargains in Bathgate now has the trollies.Home Bargains in Bathgate now has the trollies.
Home Bargains in Bathgate now has the trollies.

“I would encourage all retailers to provide these trollies to support disabled children across Scotland as this will help make their shopping experience safer and allow families increased access to stores where these trollies were not previously provided.”

Stacy said: “Having these trollies in stores means I can take my disabled son shopping with ease instead of having to configure trying to push his specialist buggy and pull along a trolley in busy shops, it wasn’t an easy task and not everyone has someone they can take shopping with them to help.”