MSP backing National Eye Health Week

​Jeremy Balfour MSP, alongside his local optometrist and Daniel Meikle from RNIB.​Jeremy Balfour MSP, alongside his local optometrist and Daniel Meikle from RNIB.
​Jeremy Balfour MSP, alongside his local optometrist and Daniel Meikle from RNIB.
Lothian MSP Jeremy Balfour has highlighted National Eye Health Week by visiting local opticians, Cameron Optometry, on Saint Vincent Street in Edinburgh.

Mr Balfour is backing the key message that going for regular eye examinations, free for everyone in Scotland, remains as important as ever in protecting sight.

He said: “These are free, and they can help to detect eye health conditions early, as well as other general health conditions. I encourage everyone to make an appointment with their optometrist every two years, or more often if advised."

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The week is being promoted by Optometry Scotland and RNIB Scotland.

Taking place from September 18 - 24, the campaign highlights the importance of good eye health and the need for regular eye tests for all.

James Adams, RNIB Scotland director, said: “Research shows that sight is the sense people fear losing most. Yet we can be surprisingly complacent about it.

"We’re here to support anyone experiencing changes in their vision and is worried about what this could mean. We can provide the advice and support so you can make an informed decision about your healthcare.

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"No one should go through an eye condition diagnosis without support.”

Julie Mosgrove, Chair of Optometry Scotland, added: “We’re pleased to see Mr Balfour visit one of our member practices to hear more about the fantastic work the team there does in the local community.

“National Eye Health Week is a perfect opportunity to raise awareness of the fact regular eye examinations can help to detect not only eye health conditions but also general health conditions, as well as picking up changes in your prescription. These conditions can include glaucoma, but also high blood pressure, strokes and in some cases brain tumours, although this is thankfully rare.

“Your vision matters, and we recommend that people have an eye examination every two years, unless they are advised by their optometrist to have them more frequently."