Musselburgh woman raises money for Parkinson’s UK Scotland after TV appearance on Money for Nothing

A Musselburgh woman who has watched her husband suffer with Parkinson’s for the past three years has raised money for a charity after a chance TV appearance.

By Annabelle Gauntlett
Tuesday, 19th July 2022, 5:50 pm

Anne McDonald, 70, was approached by Sarah Moore, host of Money for Nothing, after taking a trip to Kinwegar Recycling Centre during a clear-out. Following on from that chance meeting, BBC host Sarah took Anne’s unwanted wood and helped turn it into beautiful sunburst mirrors.

She then returned to Scotland to visit Anne and let her see the final results while handing over £220 profit from her creation.

Anne’s husband Willy has lived with Parkinson’s since 2019 and benefits from the local Edinburgh Parkinson’s Branch, therefore, she decided to donate that cash, which totalled £275 after Gift Aid, to the branch to help fund further activities.

Anne's reaction after seeing her mirrors brought back to life for the first time Credit: BBC

Anne said: “We were clearing out the garage to get it re-roofed. My husband's a bit of a hoarder and we had this wood lying around and we took it down to the dump at Kinwegar.

"Unbeknown to us, Sarah Moore who presents Money for Nothing turned up and asked if she would mind if they took it.

"Willy wasn't dressed for the camera because he was the one clearing it all out so I did the wee interview and it all stemmed from there.

"That was over a year ago and then they came back in August to do the follow-up and tell us how they got on with it and that's it just recently been on the TV.”

Anne's mirrors that were created on the TV show Money For Nothing Credit: BBC

She added that it was a pleasure to be able to donate the money to a charity which has played such an important role in her and her husband’s lives.

"Willy was diagnosed just over three years ago. Fortunately, it's been kind of slow but it's not going to get better as we all know.

"We've been able to get involved in one or two of the Edinburgh branch's organised things and it's been really fun. It's nice to go and catch up with others and we've made friends with other couples there.

"Willy also goes to the physio and he goes to the PD Warriors which he loves because he used to be a P.E teacher.

"They do so much and a lot of it is for nothing so that's why I wanted to give back to them with the money."

James Jopling, Scotland director, said: “It was great to see Anne’s appearance on Money for Nothing and we are so grateful she chose to donate it to the Edinburgh Parkinson’s Branch.

“We are sure that the group will put the money to good use and continue to be of great benefit to those who live with Parkinson’s in the area.”