Paul’s buzzing through life thanks to humble bumblebees

A DISABLED man living with multiple sclerosis has become an inspiration after embracing the latest state-of-the-art technology to live his life to the full.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 30th April 2019, 6:03 am
Paul Di Ciacca is determined to live his life to the full
Paul Di Ciacca is determined to live his life to the full

Paul Di Ciacca, 57, has limited mobility and relies on a wheelchair which he operates using his chin.

He has transformed his ground-floor flat in Cockenzie, East Lothian, using voice-activated systems and apps to control everything around him.

Paul spent two years researching the latest available gadgets and systems to keep him in control in his home.

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His determined approach has been captured in a public video which he hopes will inspire others to make the most of what is available to reclaim their independence.

Paul said: “Ten years ago if you were disabled you were put in a corner and left there, now you are encouraged to go out.

“The technology available has allowed me to take back control of my life and made a huge difference. I want others to realise there is so much more they can do.”

Paul’s brother John Mark helped set up the technology in the property, saying he contacted “Maplins and John Lewis” initially to see what was available.

The advent of systems such as Nest and Ring opened up a new world for Paul – and while his brother helped start off the flat, he has continued to seek out new ways of improving his life.

Paul said: “John Mark put this flat together and got it organised and I have taken it a step further.”

Using self-directed support, Paul can decide how he spends the money for his care and with support worker Vikki Tait at his side has continued to add new apps to his home.

With his mobile phone on a stand attached to his wheelchair, he can send texts, post on Facebook and control his home environment.

From adapting the temperature in a room to changing television channels, switching on lights and even creating art using innovative Eyegaze technology on video for his new YouTube channel, Paul is able to make decisions many of us take for granted.

Paul said he had been inspired by bumblebees, adding: “It is not that they have a stripy coat or that they have six legs. It is that their wings are too small to carry their body but nobody’s told the bumblebee, so it keeps on doing it.

“That is the way I live my life; don’t worry about the things I can’t do, keep going with the things I can do, stay a bumblebee and keep ­flying. Just because you have had some trauma in your life, it doesn’t mean your life is over. You can change it, keep going forward, embrace change and flourish.”

Paul’s story can be watched at