Data shows the worst hit parts of Edinburgh

These are the 15 worst hit areas in Edinburgh for Covid-19 related deaths

For the first time, figures have been published showing the number of Covid-19 related deaths by local area in Edinburgh.

Data from the National Records of Scotland (NRS) shows both the death rate and total number of deaths recorded in 111 localised city zones, up to the end of May, based on where these people were living at the time.

It is worth considering that the location of care homes across Edinburgh could have a bearing on the figures, given that 47 per cent of all Covid-19 related deaths in Scotland have been in such settings.

NRS data released today shows that the total number of people in Scotland with Covid-19 listed on their death certificate is 4,070 as of Sunday, June 14th, with 70 deaths registered in the past week - 19 less than the previous week.

Here are the the top 15 worst hit areas in Edinburgh for Covid-19 related death death rates – based on 2018 population figures – up to the the end of May...

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