WOW HYDRATE helps Josh Taylor become undisputed champion

Josh Taylor is on top of the world, after the Prestonpans puncher battled his way to a stunning victory over José Ramírez to become the undisputed light-welterweight fighter and claim all four championship belts.

Josh Taylor is now the undisputed light-welterweight champion of the world
Josh Taylor is now the undisputed light-welterweight champion of the world

And as he prepared for the biggest fight of his life, both at home and under the sweltering heat of Las Vegas, he had the support of WOW HYDRATE to help him get in the best shape of his career and triumph through an often brutal encounter.

The sports drink is the latest innovation in fitness, refuelling the body without carbs or sugar, with every bottle of electrolyte and protein water variants also low in calories.

And with a mission to inspire those interested in an active lifestyle with a range of great tasting, healthy drinks, WOW HYDRATE is becoming more widely available across Scotland.

The Prestonpans boxer with his four championship belts

Brand ambassador

WOW HYDRATE educates and inspires individuals to push it to perform at their best no matter their environment, boasting inspirational ambassadors such as Josh – who is in good company, with undefeated heavyweight boxer Tyson Fury, rugby player Manu Tuilagi, premier league footballer Kevin De Bruyne and Josh’s coach Ben Davison also ambassadors.

And trainer Ben, who was instrumental in getting Josh in a shape that allowed him to outclass his opponent, said that WOW HYDRATE had been a huge help during Joshs’ training.

“Josh has brought in a full-time nutritionist that has been with him the whole time, who does his food, but on top of that he has his supplements, as well as WOW HYDRATE, who work with Josh,” he said.

Josh said WOW HYDRATE helped him cope with training in heat of Las Vegas

“WOW HYDRATE is important because hydration is a massively important part of performance, especially over here in the heat in Las Vegas – when you are training you need to replace those fluids.

“Drops in hydration can really impact performance and that’s why he needs to replace those electrolytes. And especially again with the weight making strategy, it’s important to refuel and replace those things that you lose when you’re doing a weight cut and making weight, so WOW HYDRATE has been a big benefit.

“A big part of Josh’s issue was his hydration. He wasn’t replacing lost electrolytes and fluids that he was losing during training, that was one of the first things that we spotted. So it makes a massive difference. Pre, during, and post training, he is getting everything he needs with nutrition, supplements and WOW HYDRATE. Everything he needs to make sure he’ll recover, maximise the next session, and also maximise recovery between those sessions as well.”

Full of flavour

Josh Taylor is announced as the winner in the biggest fight of his career

Packed full of flavour, the fresh ingredients in WOW HYDRATE’s protein and electrolyte waters ensure that every drink tastes as good as it is for you. Thanks to every bottle’s unique push-cap technology, the flavour is released at the simple push of a button. Storing the ingredients in the cap guarantees the vitamins and flavours are at their freshest at the time of consumption, so every consumer benefits.

What’s more, all WOW HYDRATE products are tested to the highest level and approved by Informed Sport, the UK’s leading certification for sports supplements. This ensures that all professional sportspeople can remain hydrated without any risks.

Josh’s verdict

And the newly crowned World Champion himself agreed WOW HYDRATE had been a huge boost to his training in the heat.

The fighter's team included a nutritionist, who he says helped him reach his peak performance

“I have got a nutritionist on board now who is working with me,” said Josh.

“He knows I have got a sweet tooth so he makes sure to incorporate that into my diet! He’s always there keeping an eye on me and making sure I’m not cheating.

“I use WOW HYDRATE especially out here even more! I am a heavy sweater when I train, and when you’re sweating you lose your minerals and your salts.

“WOW HYDRATE Electrolyte has the electrolytes inside, which helps to replenish the minerals you’re sweating out. And it tastes good as well!

“I like the orange flavour the most, and I use it for my training sessions, as well as between rounds.”

The brand is also the official sports hydration partner of Matchroom Boxing, MTK Global, Southampton FC and Castleford Tigers.

Where can you buy WOW HYDRATE in Scotland?

WOW HYDRATE is available at major supermarkets including Morrisons and Tesco, an can be picked up at a range of convenience stores across the country, as well as Archerfield Links Golf Course, Dumfries Golf Club, Fluidity Fitness gym in Newbridge, Fight Factory Gym in Glasgow and Recovery Lounge Gym in Paisley.

With just 12 calories in every bottle, WOW HYDRATE Electrolyte water comes in Lemon & Lime and Orange flavours.

And WOW HYDRATE Protein water, which is ideal for muscle fatigue and repair, comes in Summer Fruits and Tropical flavours and has just 97 calories a bottle.

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