When is the next full moon? Date of the full moon in June 2022, is it a supermoon, and what is a Strawberry Moon?

June’s full moon is known as the Strawberry Moon, but not because it turns pink. Here’s why.

Each month, the period of the full moon is thought to be a time of reflection and good luck. Around the world, various cultures have celebrated the brightest day of the month in different ways.

Not only does the full moon provide more light to see by at night, it’s also a stunning sight in and of itself. Many stargazers head out during the full moon to see the night sky in all its glory.

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Here’s what you need to know about the June full moon and how best to see it.

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When is the June full moon in 2022?

The full moon in June will rise on June 14th. It’s expected to reach its peak at 12.51am.

In addition, this month’s moon is a supermoon, making it the second one of 2022. This is when the moon’s orbit is closest to earth, giving us a bigger, brighter moon.

The full moon, seen here in Cagliari, Sardinia. Photo: Alberto PIZZOLI / AFP via Getty Images.

In some cultures, each month’s full moon is given a name, usually specific to the season or time of year. In June, the most commonly used name is the Strawberry Moon.

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What is a Strawberry Moon?

Although the moon will not turn pink, the moon gets the name Strawberry Moon. It comes from the Native American Algonquin tribes in the United States for the season of strawberry-gathering when the fruits are at their best.

How best to see the June full moon in 2022

With the sun setting at 10.04pm on June 24th, the moon will rise roughly 30 minutes after that.

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Your best bet to see the full moon at its best would be to climb up to a higher vantage point. The higher up you go, the more likely you will be able to break through the cloud cover. In Scotland’s capital, spots like Arthur’s Seat, Blackford Hill, or any of Edinburgh’s other elevated outlooks are usually ideal to make the most of the full moon.

Try to stay away from artificial lights, like buildings or street lamps, as light pollution can interfere with your view and make it harder to see the constellations.