Edinburgh retro: 11 things you will find in Leith to remind you the old port was once independent of Edinburgh

Overs a century has gone by since the burgh of Leith was amalgamated with the city of Edinburgh – but sharp-eyed locals can still find plenty of clues that the famous old port was once independent of the Capital.

The passing of the controversial 1920 Edinburgh Boundaries Extension and Tramways Act saw Auld Reekie fuse together with the old port and four Midlothian parishes to the south.

Leithers were passionate about the sovereignty of their town and voted overwhelmingly in favour of remaining separate from Edinburgh in two plebiscites held over the course of 1920.

Nevertheless, the boundaries act went through.

Here, we look at 11 remnants that serve as a reminder of the days when Leith was an independent burgh in its own right.

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