Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly: Channel 5 wants your naughty pup for new series

Do you have trouble controlling your dog? (Photo: Shutterstock)Do you have trouble controlling your dog? (Photo: Shutterstock)
Do you have trouble controlling your dog? (Photo: Shutterstock)
Do you think you have the worst behaved dog in the UK? Have you tried every trick in the book to try and get your dog to listen to you?

In that case, Channel 5 wants to hear from you for their new show, Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly.

What’s the show?

The programme follows a master dog trainer named Graeme Hall, who travels around visiting families and works to help them find a long lasting solution for training their dogs with issues.

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Also known as the Dogfather, Hall’s motto is, “Any dog, any age, any problem.”

On his website he states that he has worked with over 5,000 dogs.

The dogs from the previous season showcased a variety of different issues including:

- A dog who is always on the escape

- An aggressive border collie terrorising the neighbourhood

- A rescue puppy that attacks its owners

The casting call for the show asks, “Are you struggling with your dogs or puppy’s behaviour?”

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“Maybe things are getting out of control and are having an impact on your life? Do you need expert advice to get things back on track?”

“If this sounds like you or someone you know, we can help.”

How do I apply?

If you’re interested in applying for the show, you can:

- Phone 020 7598 7365

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