Draconid meteor showers 2022: When do they peak in Edinburgh and how to watch them

Stargazers across the country will have a front row seat to the Dracnoid meteor shower this week - but will it be visible from Edinburgh?

The Draconid meteor shower returns to the night skies across the UK again this week, including Edinburgh.

The annual night sky phenomenon is one of two meteor showers gracing our skies in the month of October, with Drocnids reaching its peak this week.

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Draconid meteor showers are notoriously less active than similar phenomenon, however, stargazers across Edinburgh can still expect to see a few shooting stars on the horizon.

So, will the Draconid meteor shower be visible from Edinburgh? Here’s everything you need to know.

Meteor showers could be seen over Birmingham this week as the Draconids take over the skies.

What is a Draconid meteor shower?

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The Draconids are an annual meteor shower caused by the Earth travelling through cometary debris.

The debris comes from comet 21 P/Giacobini-Zinner and during the shower it enters the Earth’s atmosphere at around 13 miles per second.

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When does the Draconid meteor shower peak?

Commonly, meteor showers are best seen in the early hours of the morning. However, with the Draconids meteor shower they will be most visible in the early evening just after the sunset.

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According to the Royal Museums Greenwich, the peak of the Draconid meteor shower will be on Sunday October 8, and Monday October 9.

The showers are also expected to be visible after the sun sets on Sunday October 7, and Tuesday October 10.

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How can I see the Draconid meteor shower from Edinburgh?

For a good chance of catching the meteor shower with your own eyes you’ll need a clear view of the stars in the night sky. So, a clear forecast, and minimal light pollution is an essential tool kit.

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It’s also important to have no direct light sources in your eyes so they adjust to the darkness making the meteor shower more visible.

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What is the weather forecast for Edinburgh this week?

To see the Draconid meteor shower in Edinburgh you’ll need optimal weather conditions.

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Here is a breakdown of what the Met Office has forecast for the next seven days in Edinburgh:

  • Monday, 3 October - Day: Cloudy, 14°C. Night: Cloudy, 13°C.
  • Tuesday, 4 October - Day: Heavy rain and cloud, 16°C . Night: Cloudy, 10°C.
  • Wednesday, 5 October - Day: Heavy rain and cloud, 14°C . Night: Cloudy, 9°C.
  • Thursday, 6 October - Day: Partly cloudy, 14°C . Night: Partly Cloudy, 11°C.
  • Friday, 7 October - Day: Cloudy changing to sunny intervals, 13°C . Night: Partly cloudy, 8°C.
  • Saturday, 8 October - Day: Clear with light showers, 12°C. Night: Clear with some cloud, 7°C.
  • Sunday, 9 October - Day: Partly cloudy with sunny intervals, 13°C. Night: Partly cloudy, 8°C.