Sushi Daily to open new counter in Edinburgh Asda store in November

It's been billed as a fresh, handmade alternative to grab-and-go convenience food.

Monday, 4th November 2019, 5:00 pm

A popular sushi chain will open up in an Asda store in Edinburgh later this month.

Sushi Daily will open a counter in the Asda superstore at The Jewel Asda in the east of the city on Monday, November 25th - and customers will be able to enjoy free tastings all day.

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Sushi Daily offers an open kitchen experiencewhere customers can see their food being prepared from high-quality natural ingredients, including whole Scottish salmon.

Sushi Daily offers an open kitchen experience where customers can see their food being prepared from high-quality natural ingredients, including whole Scottish salmon.

The Asda Menu

An exclusive menu has been designed especially for Asda, and customers can look out for ‘Asda Exclusive’ stickers on the products.

A fresh alternative to grab-and-go convenience food, the exclusive menu includes snacks, meals for one and larger products ideal for sharing.

Favourites include a Teriyaki Chicken Classic Roll that starts at just £2.00, an exciting Tokyo Menu with cooked and raw fish sushi at £5.90, and the twenty-piece Hachi Menu with four types of sushi at £10.90.

The new counter will open just in time for Sushi Daily’s new made-to-order Christmas range, including nine new large platters with tasty morsels such as tuna sashimi, crunch salmon rolls, verde maki salmon and yellowtail nigiri taking centre stage.

'Convenience without the guilt'

Sushi Daily says it recently found that over a third of people from Edinburgh have never tried sushi - 31%.

A similar number, 28% admitted their weekday lunches are probably not very healthy with 20% regularly opting for a shop bought sandwich, more than one in 10 (11%) scoffing pizza and a whopping 17% sitting down to a pie or pasty every day for lunch.

Sushi Daily managing director Daniel Coole said: "We offer a fresh, handmade alternative to unhealthy lunches, snacks and convenience meals, and there really is something for everyone.

"Customers can see their sushi being prepared while they shop and even order platters for family meals or special occasions. We offer convenience without the guilt – picking up fresh high-quality sushi from one of our counters is just as easy as grabbing a processed sandwich that’s full of preservatives.

"Our salmon is sourced locally so we’re thrilled to be opening another counter in Scotland and we hope to continue expanding in the area."

About Sushi Daily

Sushi Daily sells freshly handmade sushi in convenient locations and travel hubs across the UK and Europe, including major supermarkets such as Waitrose and Asda.

Founded in 2010 by entrepreneur and sushi enthusiast Kelly Choi, who is mentored by internationally renowned Master of Sushi Yamamoto-San, Sushi Daily has a menu that respects tradition while embracing innovation and experimentation.

Sushi Daily’s sushi artisans are trained to prepare over 100 recipes from scratch. They begin each day with an empty fridge and fill it with the finest fresh ingredients.

All fish cutting, vegetable preparation and rice cooking takes place on site. All salmon sushi is freshly cut from whole salmon weighing around seven kilos.

Sushi Daily counters offer an open kitchen experience with a chef on site. The focus is on fresh, natural ingredients, offering a handmade alternative to grab-and-go convenience food.

Sushi Daily is a KellyDeli brand and has more than 800 counters in 10 countries. More details can be found here.