Edinburgh company Pickering’s Gin launches brussels sprouts flavoured tipple

With summer starting to wind down, the next big event on everyone’s mind is Christmas.

Monday, 2nd September 2019, 1:46 pm
Would you try this brussels sprout gin? (Photo: Pickering's Gin)

One Edinburgh-based gin company has launched a flavour celebrating one of Christmas’ most controversial flavours - brussels sprouts.

Brussels sprout gin?

Pickering’s Gin has brought back their now famous gin baubles for Christmas and this year’s set contains six new Christmas inspired spirits - including a brussels sprouts flavour.

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Would you try this brussels sprout gin? (Photo: Pickering's Gin)

This gin flavour from Edinburgh is a world first, and it was made by using 100kg of brussels sprouts to distil the gin. The sprouts used were all sourced from Arbroath based Crofts Farm.

The gin, Pickering’s says, has a “sprouty aroma with a surprisingly sweet, slightly nutty taste with a green, herbaceous and peppery twang”.

Matt Gammell, head distiller and co-founder, said, “It was an interesting challenge trying to balance the unmistakable flavour of brussels sprouts to get the taste just right - and the distillery had a very distinct aroma while the gin was being distilled.”

The Pickering’s Gin website says that you should mix the brussels sprout gin with tonic with the addition of a cucumber slice, or you can “try it neat with foolhardy friends”.

Christmas gins

The Pickering’s Festively Flavoured Gin Baubles set comes with six Christmas inspired gins, including the brussel sprout flavoured one.

Also included in the gift set is:

- Christmas Clementine, which you should mix with tonic and serve with star anise and orange zest

- Festive Cranberry, which you should mix with premium tonic and a fresh lime slice

- Spiced Pear and Cinnamon, which you should serve with a lemon twist and a cinnamon stick

- Figgy Pudding, which you should mix with tonic and serve with a flamed orange zest

- Plum and Ginger, which should be mixed with tonic and should be served with a slice of plum and a slice of ginger

Marcus Pickering, co-founder and head of export, said, “We launched the first ever Christmas Gin bauble back in 2016 and it became an instant hit with gin lovers around the country – making it a must-have gift.

“However, this year we really wanted to spice things up and to take the original and best gin bauble to the next level. We are thrilled to finally be able to share our unique festive flavoured gin baubles.”

Where can I buy it?

If you’re curious (or brave) enough to give this unusual gin flavour a try, or you fancy the other gins included in the set, the limited edition six pack of Pickering’s Gin baubles are available to purchase from today (Mon 2 Sep).

You can head over to the Pickering’s Gin website to order your set.

The festive pack costs £25 and proceeds from the sale of brussels sprout gin will go to Contact the Elderly’s Community Christmas campaign.

Money raised will fund Christmas lunches for those who would otherwise spend Christmas alone.