Burns Night: Edinburgh bar creates haggis and whisky cocktail

As Burns Night approaches one Edinburgh bar has created a cocktail infused with Scotland's national dish.

Saturday, 14th January 2017, 5:41 pm
Updated Saturday, 14th January 2017, 6:37 pm
The whisky and haggis infused Chieftain cocktail. Picture: Contributed

Scotch Whisky, Glen Grant, has partnered with Edinburgh bar, Bon Vivant bar to create the ‘The Chieftain’, a haggis cocktail named after Robert Burns’ famous description of Scotland’s national dish, the “great chieftain o’ the pudding race”.

Created by Will Cox of The Bon Vivant, The Chieftain’s recipe is inspired by a traditional Burns Supper menu and includes the ingredients found in the occasion’s centrepiece.

Haggis is traditionally made from sheep’s offal (heart, liver and lungs) minced with onion, oatmeal, salt and spices.

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The drink's ingredients.

The quirky cocktail comprises of an oat-washed Glen Grant 10 Year Old combined with an offal stock syrup to replicate the unique meaty haggis flavour.

It is served with a pickled red onion, representing the ‘heart’, a salt and pepper air, representing the ‘lungs’, a turnip cordial, a nod to the famous ‘neeps’ accompaniment, and a haggis rim.

Will Cox said: “The opportunity to team up with one of Scotland’s most iconic whiskies, Glen Grant, to make a Burns Night cocktail was too good to miss.

“It was very challenging, but we had a lot of fun coming up with The Chieftain and are looking forward to serving it to customers with a haggis bon bon or two on Burns nicht.”

The drink's ingredients.

Nick Williamson, Marketing Director Campari UK, said: “With the bard’s birthday being such a well-loved celebration, we want to mark the occasion with the same creativity the man himself approached his work. The bar team at the Bon Vivant has done a remarkable job with The Chieftain and we look forward to raising a glass or two in celebration come the 25th January.”


Glen Grant 10 year old, oat washed

Offal stock glaze

Salt and pepper air

Pickled red onion

Turnip cordial

Haggis butter crumb