Cadbury’s launch huge tins of Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs as part of Easter range - here’s where to buy them

January is typically a time when most of us are shunning the chocolate in favour of something healthier, after a particularly indulgent Christmas period.

But chocolate fans might not want to give up the good stuff just yet, as Cadbury has launched huge tins of Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs for the very first time.

Firm favourites

The two chocolate favourites are being sold for the first time ever in huge tins as part of Cadbury’s new Easter range.

Would you buy one of these? (Photo: Cadbury)

While it’s a little early for Easter yet, Cadbury’s has kicked things off early and the tins are already available to buy.

The Creme Eggs tin contains 409g of the fondant-filled chocolates and will set you back £6.

Inside you’ll find eight standard sized creme eggs, plus an 89g bag of mini creme eggs.

If you’re more of a mini egg fan, you can treat yourself to a 319g tin which comes filled with ten 32g packs of the treats, and is also priced at £6 each.


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The huge tins are priced at 6.00 GBP each (Photo: Shutterstock)

A single creme egg weighs 34g and costs around 50p, with packs of five usually costing £1.65, while a 90g bag of mini eggs is normally priced at £1.15.

Designed as a gift for Easter, the new additions to the Cadbury range are sure to prove a hit among shoppers, much like the Roses and Celebrations tubs which fly off the shelves every Christmas.

Dark chocolate fans can also indulge in a Bourneville Easter egg this year, as well as a Fry’s chocolate creme egg, and a Fry’s Turkish delight egg - all priced at £3.99 - which also form part of Cadbury’s tasty new Easter range for 2020.


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Where can I buy them?

The Creme Eggs and Mini Eggs tins are currently available to buy on the Cadbury website, priced at £6 each.