Edinburgh brewer Barney's Beer roll out postal deliveries across UK for the first time

Barney loads up the beers to send across the UKBarney loads up the beers to send across the UK
Barney loads up the beers to send across the UK
With the number of deliveries direct from the microbrewery across Edinburgh hitting 200, Barney’s Beer are - for the first time in their history - rolling-out direct postal deliveries across the UK.

In partnership with their home at Summerhall, Barney’s have announced they are now extending their distribution of small batch beer.

The company see this as an opportunity to meet new drinkers; those who had a beer festival trip planned; those unable to get out to the supermarket during lock-down to try new beers; and those who are able to continue supporting small business.

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Barney’s Beer, founded in the Capital in 2010, is now sold in over 70 pubs, bars and shops throughout Scotland. This is the first time their unique range including Marshmallow Stout, Volcano IPA and Stone’s Throw Lager will be available across the UK.

Orders can be placed now through the website. Free Delivery for orders over £50, £5 standard for smaller orders. Beer starts at £2 a bottle. Further info here.

Barney commented: “It’s usually this time of year I think to myself 'how am I going to brew enough for the festivals' - so it’s quite a change, and most importantly a way to ensure we still get that beer out to drinkers. My Dad worked for Davenports in the 70s – whose slogan was “beer at home means Davenports” so there’s a symmetry in these strange times.”

One of the beers has previously only left the brewery to travel as far as Summerhall’s on-site pub, the Royal Dick. Stone’s Throw Lager – so called due to its closeness to the pub - will be travelling across the UK and Barney’s are inviting customers to tweet how far their stone’s throw has been flung using #stonesthrow.

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As the lockdown continues food and drink trade across Scotland continues to make losses alongside the events industry that it will be impossible to recoup. With small scale traders across the city and Summerhall working to keep connected to their customers – new approaches emerge.