Edinburgh Lothian Road set to welcome ‘gourmet’ kebabs

Already delighting doner fans in Dundee and Glasgow, as well as Bahrain, America, Sweden and Oman, a new fast food retailier specialising in the red hot rotisserie favourite is soon to open on Lothian Road.
New 'gourmet' kebab shop to open in city centreNew 'gourmet' kebab shop to open in city centre
New 'gourmet' kebab shop to open in city centre

The first store German Doner Kebab shop opened in Berlin in 1989 and there are now 36 UK outlets and many more spread across the globe.

Signage is now up for the Edinburgh store which will open in the former Darios restaurant, serving every doner dish a kebab fan could hope for.

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Boasting “nutritionally sound” gourmet food the German Doner Kebab team say they back healthy, fresh and nutritious ingredients with authenticity at the core of the business.

From doner durum wraps, to doner burgers, doner quesadillas and seemingly contradictory doner “gym box” owners say the dishes are all made from quality ingredients with a back cupboard of secret sauces that set them apart from their competitors.

They said: “We use lean succulent beef and pure chicken fillets. These meats are imported directly from Germany to maintain quality and consistency. We only use fresh, locally produced vegetables that are delivered and prepared daily along with our special “Doner Kebab” bread. These make the “Doner Kebab” a truly unique taste experience for our customers.

“Our tried and tested methods are totally different to the way other operators make their kebabs.

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“The result is a nutritionally sound gourmet food experience that contains virtually no preservatives or additives and can be consumed day or night. With a strong modern brand and the promotion of healthy, fresh, nutritious ingredients that appeals to a broad market, “Doner Kebab” can only continue to grow and succeed. Maintaining the authenticity and originality of our kebabs is one of the main objectives of the business, and is the reason we continue to retain our market position at the top of the kebab industry.

The new location is not far from Edinburgh kebab royalty Topkapi on Fountainbridge.

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