Edinburgh restaurant The Gardener’s Cottage support families on low income with food boxes

While restaurants in the Capital are closed due to the pandemic, the team at The Gardener’s Cottage made the decision to redistribute their efforts and resources to supply low income families with much needed food.

Thursday, 9th April 2020, 4:45 am
Updated Thursday, 9th April 2020, 4:30 pm
Dale Mailley, Chef & Owner of The Gardener’s Cottage

Known for their community dining and locally sourced produce from independent suppliers, enjoyed best at sociable long tables; The Gardener’s Cottage had people at the heart of their business long before the pandemic struck.

Adamant to keep supply flowing, Dale Mailley, owner of The Gardener’s Cottage ensures produce is going to those in need.Ingredients, including those grown in the grounds of the cottage are now helping those at greatest risk from the outbreak.

Through the Food for Good Coalition, a newly formed collective of food industry professionals, The Gardener’s Cottage are able to help supply nourishing meals to families and individuals that require additional support during this difficult time.

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Dale said: “We all need to take responsibility to support others in times like these. This is my way to help. We’re giving what we can, when we can. We’re making our own bread and donating lots of vegetables. It’s an important time for people to stay healthy, so supplying lots of nourishing foods is our priority.”The Gardener’s Cottage are a team of 32 but with 90 per cent of them furloughed due to the current circumstances, they are championing this effort with a skeleton crew.

“We owe a lot to our dedicated team. During this time, we can’t physically rally together but I wanted to show them that we are 100%, in this as one,” he added.The Gardener’s Cottage is providing nutritious care packages for each member of the team who is living locally.

Acting as a morale boost and a way to stay connected, Dale has been dropping these off personally. Including homemade sourdough, store cupboard essentials and other ingredients from local brands, the packages are healthy and wholesome with added treats like wine and chocolate.

Dale added: “We have tackled our first response to this pandemic. We’ve ensured our team and community are supported. Now we can look at how to adapt as a business going forward.”