Here are some of the places in Edinburgh you can enjoy a beer, gin or whisky straight from the source.

Edinburgh taprooms and distilleries: 8 places you can enjoy a gin, whisky or beer straight from the source

With Edinburgh pubs now allowed to serve drinks indoors, the breweries and distilleries that make our favourite beers and spirits are also able to welcome people to their taprooms, bars and tours.

Scotland’s Capital has long been famous for it’s drink-making industry and a variety of tipples are made here, as anybody who has smelt hops in the air when the wind comes from a particular direction can attest.

There’s something special about trying a drink in the very building it’s made, rather than just in a normal pub.

Here are 8 distilleries and breweries where you can toast the makers in Level 2 restrictions metres from where they lovingly produced the drink in your glass.

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