McDonald's Monopoly 2022: When is McDonald's Monopoly returning, what is McDonald's Monopoly, what do we know

McDonald’s Monopoly - the popular promotion from the US fast food giants – will return once again. But when does it start, and what do we know?

McDonald's Monopoly has been confirmed for 2022 by the fast food giants - here's everything we know.
McDonald's Monopoly has been confirmed for 2022 by the fast food giants - here's everything we know.

First launched in 2005, McDonald’s Monopoly was on hiatus during the coronavirus pandemic.

But now the food firm has confirmed the game will return this autumn and customers have the chance to win big prizes.

Here’s everything you need to know about the McDonald’s Monopoly promotion in 2022.

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McDonald’s to bring back popular Monopoly game in autumn - with bigger prizes up...

When will McDonald’s Monopoly start?

The precise start date for this year’s competition has not been confirmed, but it is understood it will run in September and October this year.

A McDonald’s spokesman said the prize pool for 2022 will be 'bigger than ever’.

How to play McDonald’s Monopoly?

The game is theme around the classic property-collecting family board game.

McDonald’s customers can collect game pieces when they buy qualifying products. The pieces are themed around the properties and stations and appear as stickers on the food packaging.

To win a prize, customers must collect a set of pieces.

There are also ‘instant win’ prizes which can be claimed right away from any McDonald’s branch just by cashing in the token.

In-store touch screens will allow customers to take part.

What prizes can you win in McDonald's Monopoly?

So far, the 2022 prize has has not been revealed. But in previous years, prizes have ranged from free food to holidays.

Instant win prizes in the past have included holiday escape to Ibiza, a hot tub and JD gift cards.

Free food items including Big Macs, Chicken McNuggets and McFlurries have also been dished out.

Which food items have McDonald’s Monopoly stickers?

Three Stickers

Big Tasty -

Big Tasty with bacon

Chicken selects (three or five)

Chicken BBQ Smokehouse

Chicken Legend

Big Flavour wrap

Soft drink

Caramel iced frappe

Frozen strawberry lemonade

Chicken and bacon salad

Chicken salad

Two Stickers

Fries - medium or large

Mozzarella dippers

Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate McFlurry

Cadbury Caramel McFlurry