These are the 15 best restaurants in Edinburgh according to Google user reviews

The capital is full of well-known names and hidden gems, but which rate highly with Google users?

Picture: Shutterstock
Picture: Shutterstock

From Michelin starred restaurants to a London chain, these are the top 15 restaurants in Edinburgh according to Google reviews. Picture: Shutterstock.

The Kitchin on Commercial Quay has a 4.8 rating and is described as: "Impeccable as usual. The customer service is second to none. Also the staff are very attentive but not intrusive."
The Table, 3A Dundas St is rated 4.8 and described by one Google user as a: "one of a kind experience...loved every single bite"
Found at 102 Dalry Rd, this restaurant is rated 4.8 with one user saying: "Superb service! Always very welcoming and efficient. And the food is magnifico."
Another 4.8 rating, this restaurant on 33A St Stephen St is reviewed as: "The food was spectacular, artistically assembled on the plate, and the flavours we experienced were mind blowing."
Located at 1A, Alva Street this restaurant has: "Incredible food in a really lovely setting below street level. Very attentive, friendly staff and very relaxing."
For highly rated Thai food, head to 8 Gloucester St and Nok's which is rated at 4.7 and has "some of the best Thai food in Edinburgh."
High end mash is served at 9 N Bank St at this 4.7 rated restaurant which is a "Great place for Scottish dining beginners."


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4.8 stars for this cosy restaurant on 158 Dalkeith Rd, which has a tasting menu and only one sitting per night. "Flavours were good and beautifully presented in a simple rustic feel" said one Google reviewer.
Head to 3 Pier Pl for fresh seafood and a 4.8 rating. "Fresh fish, beautifully cooked and nicely presented. Excellent service."
4.6 rating for this restaurant on 54 St Stephen St. One user commented: "Excellent food and great service! I would absolutely recommend this little restaurant."
Located at 74-78 S Clerk St, Sonder gets a 4.8 rating and a glowing review: "Magnificent experience. Service and kitchen extraordinary."


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Scottish produce takes centre stage at 18 Eyre Pl, with a rating of 4.7 and comments such as: "The very best place in Edinburgh!"
Found at 85 South Bridge, Mono has a 4.8 rating and reviews such as: "This restaurant is up there with the best in Edinburgh. Consistently excellent food that is beautifully prepared, it's Italian fine dining at its best."
At the prestigious address of 1 Princes Street, this restaurant has a 4.6 rating and comments like: "This restaurant's reputation is well earned. The food is fantastic, the drinks were a delight, and the service was fabulous!"
Enjoy views of the castle from 33-35 Castle Terrace, which has a 4.7 rating. "The most exquisite dining experience I've ever had. The tasting menu was outstanding with the matched wines," says one reviewer.